Hail friends!
Today I am going to share my favorite LOTR scenes!
Have Fun!

His smile is hilarious!

I love this!
Yeah. And the other video’s i couldn’t get the embed code for…… Ok, I will tell you which scenes they are.
There is when Sam is talking about the stories, and when Legolas is sliding down the stairs at the battle of Helms Deep, and last but not least when Sam is carrying Frodo up the mountain to destroy the ring. 🙂


6 thoughts on “LOTR”

  1. AND WE JUST GOT THAT!!! 😀 We already had a pack of all three from China claiming to be 'Extended Edition' when only the first two movies were Extended… Blah. But Jake got it really cheap on Amazon, it came today, and its got two movie CDs, and two Appendix CDs!!



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