Whoo!!! There is a giveaway on Eldra’s blog!!!! Though on this link ye will find the number of entries and the rules I will tell you also so you are so aware you know it! 

Become a follower of Eldra’s blog, or any of Leauphaun’s: DrawingsPaintings or Photography. If you already follow one of these blogs, you must follow another in order to be entered, unless, of course, you already follow all four. – Worth 1 entry.

-Post about this giveaway on your blog, then send Eldra the link to the post. Take the picture below and put it in the post. – Worth 2 entries.

-Leave Leauphaun a nice, long comment on any of her three blogs, (DrawingsPaintings or Photography) explaining what you like, what you don’t like, or what you’d like to see her do. A “that looks amazing” doesn’t count (although they are nice to hear). Make sure the comment is meaningful. – Worth 2 entries.

-Put up to all four of our blog buttons on your sidebar. Make sure that they link back to their appropriate blogs. All the buttons are available on my sidebar. – Each worth 1 entry.
And that is the end of it! so do you feel challenged to enter? Or will you hide  in a rabbit hole and get eaten? Hm?  Go HERE if I challenged you and ENTER! 😀 

Signed with a wet pen,




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