I am TAGGED. So I will BLOG!

Sooooo… Eldra tagged me. I  wanted to blog. So I was perfectly happy with it! 🙂

1) My Tire swing… (Got the picture off the internet… All of ours have people in the picture…)

2)  Perspectives on the world Christian movement.

3) Water for Christmas

4) Javelins

5) April 27 (My B-day)

6) Betta Fish

7) Quill Pens-

8) Golden Retrievers

9) Battles

10) Eowyn

There! Done! I tag…… *drumroll* I tag…. Aaralyn Allegra!


4 thoughts on “I am TAGGED. So I will BLOG!”

  1. Awww, the golden retriever is adorable 🙂
    Eowyn, the pale lady. LORD OF THE RINGS!

    Word Verification – wanemt (WAN-eh-Ment) the cousen to the Wambat and grandchild of ointment. Not sure how it works but it does 🙂

    GB!! – Leauphaun


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