Hey’a guys,
Our day was EPIC. We went to my grandpa’s OLD/VINTAGE farm, and worked ALL DAY. Epic right? We planted a garden and had an EPIC time. Did I tell you it was EPIC? So, I have some pictures, oh, and to dash your hopes, they DO NOT have people in them. *grins* So, kids, be prepared, it may not be as epic as I explained it to be, but being there is epic. 😀 You know, I love that place. 😀 Weeelllllll…… There is a few with people….. 😀 *grin vanishes*  But, here they are!

The growing thing of our State…. Wheat……. Too bad I’m allergic to it……

We also got this cool picture at dusk. Wickedly awesome.

Last time, this old thing had a skunk in it. But, alas, it did not this time. I was unfortunate enough not to be there……

We met some friendly cows while fencing….

Geeze Louise, we found a snake! Manny and Mom both squealed in FEAR. Lol. Again, I wasn’t there. 😦

The barn. Cool. 🙂
So there, have fun!


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