Book reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Dragon Egg Holds the Key to the Future. Once a slave, Kale is given the unexpected opportunity to become a servant to Paladin. Yet this young girl has much to learn about the difference between slavery and service. A Desperate Search Begins… A small band of Paladin’s servants rescue Kale from danger but turn her from her destination: The Hall, where she was to be trained. Feeling afraid and unprepared, Kale embarks on a perilous quest to find the meech dragon egg stolen by the foul Wizard Risto. First, she and her comrades must find Wizard Fenworth. But their journey is threatened when a key member of the party is captured, leaving the remaining companions to find Fenworth, attempt an impossible rescue, and recover the egg whose true value they have not begun to suspect… 

DragonQuestKale has been studying at the Hall for a while now after her first quest. She is the Keeper of eight dragon eggs, two that’ve hatched. She is the Dragonkeeper. She has now been sent on another quest. Will she survive?

Trapped in an evil spell… can the knights of Paladin be rescued? Before vowing his allegiance to Wulder as a knight, Bardon heads to the mountains for solitude. His life is suddenly complicated by a woman and her granddaughter, N’Rae, on a mission to rescue the woman’s son trapped in a chamber of sleep. Bardon learns that more of Paladin’s knights are imprisoned-and suspects one of them is Dragon Keeper Kale’s missing father. The secret is in their hands-and hearts. The band travels north, uncertain of their destination and encountering numerous perils. When they unlock the chamber, they discover a dozen knights-who cannot be awakened. The journal holding the secret to rousing them is in an unknown language. How can they find the help they need, and overcome even graver obstacles, to rescue the knights? Return to the land of dragons and magic you discovered inDragonspellandDragonQuest,in this finely crafted and memorable work of fantasy fiction with a core of eternal truth.


Kale and Bardon are now man and wife and enjoying life together as newlyweds. Unfortunately for them, another husband and wife pair have been wreaking havoc on Amara.
It’s up to Kale and Bardon to put a stop to the horrors being perpetuated on the land and people of Amara. The most difficult part of the ordeal is letting each other go.
Kale sees herself as wife first, and wizard and Dragon Keeper second. So when her wizardly duties get in the way of her wifely duties, it’s up to her husband and parents to help her see that service to Paladin is the most important duty that she can have. Unfortunately, that means leaving her husband to perform his own duties as a knight while she assists her father, also a dragon keeper, to round up as many dragons in Amara as possible.

It has been some time since the evil wizards Risto, Burner Stox, and Crim Cropper were defeated and died. Amara has become a haven of peace, and the citizenry is eager to follow Paladin’s command to study the truths of Wulder and live in his peace. So what better time for Bardon and Kale to break off their quiet studies and pursue the lost meech colony with their friends Regidor and Gilda?

Soooo sorry some of these are so short!!!!!!! 😀


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