Tagged…… By Vrenith……..

 1. I pick three characters
2. I make my characters answer these questions
3. I tag three people

My chosen characters: 
  • Ryebrynn
  • King Crys
  • Prince Edward
Shall we begin?

 Interviewer: *coughs* Do you want a hug?
  • Ryebrynn: No thanks. 
  • King Crys: Sure, that is if you are not of the BlackDoomed and aim to stab my back with a knife when we hug. If not, I would love to hug.
  • Prince Edward: *scoffs* My people aren’t that bad! 

Interviewer: Do you have any kids?
  • Ryebrynn: And your reasons why I should tell you are……?
  • King Crys: No. I am not married, so I have no children.
  • Prince Edward: No!

Interviewer: Have you killed anyone?
  • Ryebrynn: I hate talking about this kind of stuff. It makes me sick.
  • King Crys: I agree with Ryebrynn.
  • Prince Edward: Duh! Why not?

Interviewer: Love anyone?
  • Ryebrynn:  Why do you need to know?
  • King Crys: You need some lessons on courtesy to someone’s privacy.
  • Prince Edward: Never, my duty to the people of BlackDoom is to great to be involved in romances!

Interviewer: What is your job?
  • Ryebrynn:  I am the Chosen Elf, I guess, forever loyal to the Three Kings of Graceland. 
  • King Crys: Look at my name, weirdo! K-I-N-G C-R-Y-S that explains my “Job”! So, if you are blind, I am one of the Three Kings of Graceland!
  • Prince Edward: Really? You blind, Lady Interviewer? *mutters* I am the heir to the throne of BlackDoom!

Interviewer: Have a Favorite season?
  • Ryebrynn: *coughs* I really don’t have one.
  • King Crys: Personally, Fall.
  • Prince Edward: Winter. Definitely. It is just like me. Cold and harsh. 

Interviewer: Who is your best friend?
  • Ryebrynn: Wow. I thought you knew. Dramri. 
  • King Crys: Probably Traiwai.
  • Prince Edward: *gulps* My Mother.

Interviewer: Any Hobbies?
  • Ryebrynn: Making friends, dragon riding. 
  • King Crys: Ruling. Ordering people about.
  • Prince Edward: Torturing prisoners.

Interviewer What exactly are you going to do when this tag is over?
  • Ryebrynn: Return to Terramont castle and finish battling the BlackDoomed.
  • King Crys: Return to Terramont castle and finish staring out the window at the battle. 
  • Prince Edward: Finish wishing I was at the siege my Mother put on Terramont Castle.

Interviewer: Okay… What is your eye color?
  • Ryebrynn: Green.
  • King Crys: Stormy Green.
  • Prince Edward: Pale Blue.

Interviewer: Are you good? Or bad?
  • Ryebrynn: Good, I hope.
  • King Crys: Good.
  • Prince Edward: I am not good, nor bad. I am evil.

Interviewer: What is your greatest fear?
  • Ryebrynn: Cupramaé
  • King Crys: In a way, I fear Dramri.
  • Prince Edward: I fear nothing.

Interviewer: What do you think of your parents?
  • Ryebrynn: I never knew them. I was an Orphan. I never ever met them, I daren’t think them to be alive.
  • King Crys: I consider my older brothers as parents. I never knew Mamma or Papa. Tirad and Herbert are my parents.
  • Prince Edward: My father is dead. My mother is epic.


interviewer: Any siblings?
  • Ryebrynn: I have no idea.
  • King Crys: Tirad and Herbert, though I also consider Ryla and Laelyn siblings.
  • Prince Edward: No.

Interviewer: Was it fun to answer all these questions?
  • Ryebrynn: No, your a weird person.
  • King Crys: Kinda.
  • Prince Edward: NO! 

Interviewer: Nice…. Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Ryebrynn: Your going too far!
  • King Crys: None to admit to you.
  • Prince Edward: None at all.

Your favorite element?
  • Ryebrynn: Water.
  • King Crys: Earth.
  • Prince Edward: Fire. 

Do you care what others think of you?
  • Ryebrynn: Sorta.
  • King Crys: At least Tirad and Herbert do, and I think Ryebrynn.
  • Prince Edward: My mother does.

Your theme song?
  • Ryebrynn: Theme song?
  • King Crys: Yeah Rye. 
  • Prince Edward: I don’t have one.

What’s your species?
  • Ryebrynn: Elf.
  • King Crys: Elf. 
  • Prince Edward: Half Elf half Human.



2 thoughts on “Tagged…… By Vrenith……..”

  1. Yeah, Prince Edward is Queen Jazaroonae's son, currently he is the heir to the throne of BlackDoom, both him and his mother are EVIL! Ryebrynn and her friend, Yotaiah, who is a girl, will both soon hate him and his mother! 😛 But of course……. That's a spoiler……..

    Grinning evilly,


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