Peppernuts… And Kindle Fires…

First of all, Peppernuts. Yum. So, today I slaved over a hot oven ALL DAY LONG making yummy Peppernuts. So we have Peppernuts for the plane. All because of my hard work. I feel good about it. These’ll disappear fast. 🙂 Here are some pictures of the finished project:
 A pile I put together.
 Another pile, one of the favorite pictures of them all.
 Vrenith stealing them all 🙂
 Them in a crystal bowl.

Another snapshot of them in the same bowl.
NEXT, KINDLE FIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, we ordered them with the willful help of our old church. 🙂 For those who have no idea of what they are, they’re like IPads, but better. 😛 
Here are some pictures:

🙂 😛 LOL. Fire. I love fire. It matches me. 🙂
OK! This concludes my longish cool peppernutty, Kindle Firey post! 🙂
Signed with a fantasy ending,



2 thoughts on “Peppernuts… And Kindle Fires…”

  1. Yummmm *licks lips* those look GOOD!!! Great job!! Very Christmas-y 🙂
    Kindle's are great for trips where there isn't enough room for “books”, but room for MANY books… if you get what I mean 😉

    :'( I'm gonna miss you guys… *snifs* Have a great flight, and know that God's angles are going to be flying with you 🙂

    GB!! – Leauphaun


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