So, I’m thinking you guys aren’t really checking my blog, but, I’m posting anyway. 🙂
We are fine in Liberia, getting used to the heat, wishing for the rainy season. We got another dog named View, and Pippin is still alive. Ninja is trying to die early, and is also mauling the kittens. 🙂 Jake is allergic to something in the ocean and we also discover HUGE drop. 🙂 We now have running water and a car. We are working on wireless internet, but in Liberia, it is super hard. Right now, we have a small USB stick that carries expensive internet, so we don’t get much time on it. We live beside a five-star resort with good food.



3 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Running water? So that means no more buckets on your head? (heehee)

    A five-star resort, huh? You can just steal their internet 😉

    Allergic to something in the ocean? That's not good. Especially when you live by the ocean…

    Hope Africa's treating you well 🙂 (Well, well enough, anyways. (Is it me, or did I use the word well waaay too much? Oh well… (GAH!)))


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