Dear Blog Readers-
Here is a post for catching up. Sorry about not posting(before the last) since May. 🙂 Here is what’s been happening:
So, the Rainy Season has begun(A few months ago) and it rains… and rains…. and rains… and rains… ect. Most of the time I’m stuck in the house. (It’s as boring as it sounds)…. And thus on. We went to America for a three week period(Yes, crazy as it sounds we fit a three month furlough(?) into three weeks) and saw our friends, spent ages with the extended family…. And thus on. We returned two weeks ago and started(Yay!) SCHOOL. So far, it’s proven all my books I want to read are Read Alouds and we haven’t really started that. 😛 When we returned, our cat(The eldest of four),Ninja, went missing. A week later, she returned… And went missing again…. Yes, very, very stupid of her. Our kittens, Cess, Schnitzel, and Chai, are….. themselves(I think). Merry, Pippin, and Sam(The dogs) are absolutely delighted at our returned and are…. themselves(Again, not so sure about that). It’s been fairly cool, and we are still using blankets in the morning, so good for us, eh? The food is AWESOME, like always. The ocean is wild lately so we haven’t been swimming. The lagoon keeps ‘busting'(Emptying into the ocean) and the brige is falling apart. No worries, we are perfectly safe.



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