We’re fine! I assure you.

Hey y’all!

Not much to talk about, but I’ll make this as long as I can get it. 🙂 So as this week, Ninja caught and ate a lizard(The bloody savage) and Jake caught Malaria. Our friend, Monica, has Typhoid and I am not feeling well. Other than that, we’re fine. It’s been rainy(Heh. Nothing new.) and dreary…. and downright cold. My co-author story is now underway, and I’m pretty excited about that. For you who probably doesn’t know, I have began a co-author novel with Warrior of Aror, a person on a forum called the Underground. We haven’t chosen a name, but it’s about three girls and two boys, Merry, Mara, Miradell, Sam, and Jalakin. Anyways, we’re staring it up and so far it’s pretty good. My novel, Freedom, I finished in July and began the sequel, The Heirs of Jaydill, in August. I am planning to do NaNoWriMo this year and hope to fit it into a tight schedule. If I can keep up my writing stamina, hopefully I’ll finish. School is going AWESOME and we’re slow as of the start of the week. We’re quickening. Currently on music, I’m addicted to Owl City and barely listen to anything else. I now have a notebook for my novel character drawings and it is very convenient(?). I crocheted a chain longer than our house and I hope all this isn’t boring you. 🙂 I am currently reading Salamandastron(Redwall book) and High Rhulain(Redwall book). Love the books. Since, alas, I cannot make this blog psot any longer, I bid thee ‘Namarie’, or, farewell.

Tired and Hanging in There,


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