Hey readers!

I have decided to lengthen this post and interest you, I will post an interview with four of my novel characters.
Characters: Dahdriom Divollan(Or, as he calls himself ‘Dahdriom Doom’), SarahTye, Bridget Dradda, and Isaac Nimiac.
Interviewer: Where do you live?
Sarah: Terramont Castle, The Arthlynian Range, Graceland, Jaydill.
Bridget: The Dradda Family Estate, Alani, Jaydill.
Isaac: Revonne Palace, Alani, Jaydill.
Dahdriom: Currently Terramont Castle.
Interviewer: Do you have any relitaves?
Sarah: Yes. What a strange question. There’s Mother, Father, Hanaia, Brooke, Reani, Esmerette, Simarri…..
Interviewer: You don’t have to list them all.
Bridget: Yes.
Isaac: Duh.
Dahdriom: Well, I have Tedria, Dad, Mom, and DERRIN. I had an aunt and cousins…. but they… *sadistic, murderous smile* Passed away.
Interviewer: Yuck. Don’t delve into the details, please. Do you have any kids?
Sarah: *eyes widen* Of course not!
Bridget: *gulp* You haven’t read the book? *looks accusingly at Author*
Author(Me, Ryebrynn. If ‘Author’ is used again, it is me): Hey, if he didn’t get on the Underground, that’s his problem.
Isaac: Nay!
Dahdriom: What a stupid question. I’m too hard for a wife and… Ugh, kids.
Interviewer: Please, Miss Author, no side comments. Have you ever killed?
Sarah: No, and I don’t want to, ever.
Bridget: Who do you think I am?
Isaac: Coooome on! Do you think the Crown Prince of Alani would kill one of his beloved subjects???
Dahdriom: Well, of course. There was the time….
Author: Sorry! *shuts Dahdriom up*
Interviewer: *disturbed*  I need a better list of questions….. Do you like kittens?
Sarah: Aw, of course. Kittens are so cute…. *smile*
Bridget: Of course! *fond smile*
Isaac: Sort of.
Dahdriom: You mean the ugly furry things with claws? Of course not!
Interviewer: Have you ever eaten Sushi?
Sarah: *clueless* What’s Sushi?
Bridget: *raises eyebrow*
Isaac: Okaaaaaay….
Dahdriom: What in Jaydill is Sushi?
Interviewer: FNF(Fantasy Novel Freaks). What is your favorite season?
Sarah: I love fall and winter.
Bridget: Fall!
Isaac: Spring. Rabbits are sorta cute.
Dahdriom: I hate nature.
Interviewer: Do you want a hug?
Sarah: Not really.
Bridget: Yes. *hugs Interviewer*
Isaac: Okaaaaay….
Dahdriom: Get away from me, stalker
Author: I’m the stalker, not him.
Interviewer: Miss Author, please come here. *Author walks over*
Author: Yeah?
Interviewer: Please remove them.
Author: *grin* Yes, sir!
*Novel characters scream*

I’ll leave you to contemplate(?) their fate. 🙂

Signed with a grin,


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