Hey everyone!

It’s been rainy(Yes, still rainy). My writing is doing awesome, absolutely awesome. I’ve decideed I have to finish this novel by October 29. With the time crunch, I won’t be posting as much. But, sometime I might post an excerpt or two from my novel. Maybe next time I psot I’ll be finished. Who knows? 🙂 School is doing awesome…. sort of(Math is the reason for ‘sort of’) I”ve began reading Triss(Another Redwall book). I’ve begun to get ideas for my NaNoWriMo novel. The temporary title is: “The Cost of Pride”. Probably choose a different one in the end(If I finish). It’s about a boy named Mornah D’myar. Still wroking on the plans, but so far it’s going good. It might be hard to do NaNoWriMo because I have to do it on my Kindle Fire, but, have strength and persevere, eh? I am trying to lengthen this psot and keep my posts as long as I can get them. I need advice, readers.
1. Writing
2. Everyday Life(Not much happening)
3. Animals
4. School
5. Africa
6. Etcetera(Comment, tell me what you want me to post about)

Okay, guys, I’m, counting on you.

Here’s a three point exspository(?) paragraph on the disavantages(?) of writing(Isn’t too good, but it’ll have to do.)
“There are many disatvantages(?) of being a writer, but for now we will concentrate on three.

First, we have: ‘Going deaf before you turn twenty’. This is very possible, considering most writers listen to very loud music while they write, thus they blow out their ears.

The next one we will adress is: ‘Therapy at age forty’. Very possible, especially for fantasy authors, and those who allow their imaginations to run wild.

Last of all, we have ‘Going blind before the ages of fifty or sixty’. Considering most writers spend countless hours before a bright computer screen(Or in my case, Kindle Fire screen).

I could list more, but I won’t. “



4 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. Everyday life! Remember, your boring may very well be our fascinating. Post about the little things that make your life unique and interesting.

    Those are very valid points. Extremely very valid.
    Though I would like to add “illusion of insanity”


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