Little Boys, Dogs, and….. Chickens…..

Dear faithful readers-

Still waiting for your feedback, but we have news, news named; “Life Can Change”. Or, a chicken. Two of our friends, Monica and Praise, brought us a chicken. It is a full grown hen that we dubbed “Life Can Change”, though we call her LCC. The first thing that happened, is:

LITTLE BOY NAMED THEO: *yell* *throws soccer ball at chicken*
CHICKEN: *loud, dignified squawk*
ALEX(MY SISTER): Theo! *throws ball to the other side of the room*
THEO: *giggles and runs to get the ball*
VRENITH(MY SISTER): *feeds chicken raw rice*
THEO: *picks up some rice and eats it*
ALEX: *laughs* Theo! You can’t eat Life Can Change’s rice!
THEO: *giggles and throws ball at chicken*
VRENITH: *grabs ball* Theo!
CHICKEN: *continues to eat raw rice*

Yeah. 🙂 Theo is cute, but sometimes he bullies the dogs. He cries when I look at him. Heh. School, well…. I worked ahead for this week. There isn’t much more to ramble about except that I have 30,000 words to write before October 29.
Also, I need prayer for some dogs. Lauvee(I think I might have mentioned Luavee in past blog posts) and Sheba, two puppies(also my best friends), were stolen this week. I miss them immensely, and with all seriousness, they could have been eaten. Please pray!!
And just for fun:

                                                                     Life Can Change(LCC)

Signed with a friendly smile,


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