Greetings from Rehab Junction, Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, Africa, Earth.
I told Pathfinder I would post about Pippin(that nasty evil dog…) in my next post or so. SO, I’ll post about all the dogs. Very well…..

OK. The picture speaks the truth, readers. We got Pippin for 15 USD. SO, a tiler(Someone who lays tile) handed me a dog. THE DAY AFTER OUR FIRST LIBERIAN DOG DIED. “I brought you a dog.” He said. An hour later, he told my mom we had to pay 50 USD for him. We parted him with tears. The man who really owned Pippin came that night and apologized. He was actually selling Pippin for 25USD. Still a high price. We told him we’d consider. Days passed. We pressed Dad to call the man and ask to get him for 15USD. Dad finally agreed. That is how we got Pippin. And I must accompany it with a story(Yes, I know this is embarrassing for you, Pippin. I’m enjoying it).
I wrote it to be like a book story.

It was a rainy day, but despite the cold drizzle, I was sweating. Mom walked into the room, smiling. “Hey, (real name edited out and replaced)Ryebrynn, would you mind going to buy pumpkin(The Liberian name for squash)in think Masa(The wife of a man we know) has some.”
“Sure. May I take Aloysius(security guard) with me?”
“You know I would say yes. Get Jake to guard while you are gone.”
“OK.” I waited for Mom to get out the LD(Liberian Dollar, also called Liberty). She counted out 410LD(Around 5 USD(United States Dollar)and 70 cents). I proceded to convince Jake to guard(On which he strongly refused, so I must relate the consequences of his refusal), and asked Aloysius if he’d go with me. Aloysius agreed to(LIKE ALWAYS) and we left. When I cast a glance over my shoulder, I noticed Pippin yelping suspiciously. I banished the thought from my mind(as well as his well known tendancy to tear holes in the fence) and kept walking. We walked to Zion’s(Masa’s husband) house/shack(Metal roofing, small wood. Not much. Dirt flooring), and as we started negotiating(You ALWAYS negotiate to a fair price). All of the sudden, a blur of white, yellow, and black fur burst from the palm trees. It growled and attacked the Red Peace(They have a long history. “It” holds grudges). “PIPPIN!!” I screamed in anger. Pippin growled as I pulled him away from Red Peace. My heart jumped in fear as the thought raced through my mind ‘I could get bit’. To my right side, one man yelled about Pipping being a trouble maker. To my left, Aloysius began to tug me away. I picked up Pippin(That fat, heavy dirty dog…) and began to trudge home. Pippin squirmed and I pinched him hard. He nipped my wrist. “Deal with it, hefty(The Liberian word for “Fat, Heavy, and Healthy”) dog.” On the way we encountered Merry, our other dog. Merry whined pitifully and fell to the ground.
“Up, Merry.” Aloysius commanded. Merry jumped up and ran in front. As we walked, I felt the burning anger rising in my throat. I felt like screaming. Eventually, I did. At Jake.
The End.

We got Merry in March or April(Heh, can’t remember). He was a previous employee’s dog, but when the employee evacuated our other compound, he left Merry, at that time named View. Merry, in the way he acted on a daily basis, we suspected he’d been beaten. My heart was wigth Merry(My “Ginger Bear”…. Heh…), and he also was almost starved when we got him. I don’t really have a story of his evilness, cause, my Ginger Bear is ALMOST perfect. He has not touched LCC, so we all adore him at the moment. 🙂

We got Sam after someone tried to break into our house. He’s a Rhodesian Ridge Back from South Africa. Ummmmm…. And I have nothing else to say… Heh… Sorry. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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