It hs been rather uneventful, other then me getting Typhoid and an innard infection. I have to drink a really gross ORS(Oral Rehydration Salts) drink packet. A whole bottle for four days. Bleh. Speaking of “Bleh”, that’s my nickname for this drink mix. It’s my “Bleh drink”. Heh. Merry Pippin and Sam are naughty, as usual. Theo is doing fine. Today, I really wanted to play Basketball, so I used a bucket as the hoop and the Septic Tank as the space. I had fun. Anyway, Ninja went missing again and is back. She has been kind today(For once!!). I’ve freshly come from feeding the cats and before that. I’m lagging. 30k to go…. Yeah. Everything is coming together for my NaNo novel. Can’t wait!! We have begun to stop eating stuff like: Peanut Butter, Tea, Milk(Cream), and Sugar… So we can do Thanksgiving. THe year is passing so fast, It’s almost sad, painful. I am missing my firends in America, and I have found out visiting again re-opened old wounds. Anyhow, I have finished THE TIDE OF UNMAKING by WAYNE THOMAS BATSON and CHRISTOPHER HOPPER. Amazing book!! Here’s my review:

Be ready to be swept into a whole new adventure. It’s Allyra again. All our favorites are back: Kat, Tommy, Johnny, Jimmy, Autumn, Kiri Lee, Goldarrow, Grimwarden, and MUMTHERS(Bless her cooking!!). When Kiri Lee sees a man in the shadows of their Berinfell castle, they dive in to investigate. Tommy’s twenty-first birthday party is interrupted by an unexpected refuge; Princess Taeva of Taladrim. She brings grave news of Taladrim.It has been taken by an unknown enemy. New and old characters roil into a adventure that will take your breath away. Be ready to yell; “Endurance and Victory” and dive into The Tide of Unmaking!!

It’s as good as it sounds.

Endurance and Victory,


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