Treachery Revealed

Hello all.
I’m fine and I FINALLY finished my ORS packets. My mom decided to treat my Typhoid, so today I starated Ciproflaxin(?). I have begin storyboarding, time lining, and doing family trees for my NaNo novel. We had quite an adventure tonight. Isaac(Househelp) and I were putting away the pumpkin soup(Squash) and we sealed it. When we were carrying it to the fridge and SPLURT! it burst open. We had it all over ourselves and the floor. Big mess. We cleaned it up and I skipped out to take a shower. One my novel, “The Heirs of Jaydill”, I uh… quit until after NaNoWriMo. It felt like it was going nowhere, so I said; “After NaNoWriMo, I will take up my manuscript and decide what to do with it. I may re-write or edit. But that will be decided after NaNoWriMo.” So yeah. My Co-author with Warrior of Aror as been postponed until after NaNo, considering we are both gonna be pretty busy. Tonight was my night to feed the cats, so I smell of fish…. Not virtually, though. 🙂 Here is the little explaination for my NaNo novel:

“Sixteen-year-old Mornah Kalif D’myar has been drafted into the army of tyrranical King Owarne. When his regiment is forced to go on a quest for the outlaw Maran D’dao, his sudden resolve to liberate Skarr from king Owarne changes his life. He finds Maran and the true Project ASKIO is born.”

Soooooo….. yeah….. Here is an interview with my main character in NaNoWriMo. And you learn the sad fate of Interviewer…..

Interviewer: So, Mornah, how did your parents pick your name?
Mornah(traces of pride in his voice): I was named after God’s last king, King Mornah.
Interviewer: I see. Where do you live?
Mornah: By the Kordan Coast and Tarol Forest.
Interviewer: Do you have any relitaves?
Mornah: Mom, Dad, Lana, Terran, and Mariel.
Interviewer:  Do you have any kids?
Mornah(eyeing Interviewer strangely): No….
Interviewer: Have you ever killed?
Mornah: Yes, and I shall regret it forever.
Interviewer: Do you like kittens?
Mornah(halfsmile): Yeah.
Interviewer: Have you ever eaten Sushi?
Mornah: Sushi??
Interviewer: Never mind. What is your favorite season?
Mornah: Winter
Interviewer: Do you want a hug?
Mornah: No…..
Interviewer: How old are you?
Mornah: I turned sixteen the day I was drafted.
Interviewer: Are you married?
 Mornah: No, but, you should have asked that before you asked if I had kids.
Interviewer: Of course, but, sometimes-
Author(shuts Interviewer up): Stay clean.
Interviewer(glares): No side comments. What color is your hair?
Mornah: Brown….
Interviewer: What color are your eyes?
Mornah: Brown….
Interviewer: What happens in Project ASKIO?
Author(angrily): Interviewer!! Waste of money… On, on a stalker and book spoiler!! *slaps Interviewer* To think!!
Interviewer: Grrrr….
Author:  *erases*
Narater: Thus, poor young Interviewer perished to an eraser. *melodramatic*
Author: *erases*

Trying to keep blogging,


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