Another post of boring-ness… :)

CAUTION: Leauphaun, if you have yet to read “The Tide of Unmaking”, DON’T READ THIS POST!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!
Hey all.
I’m not feeling well, so of you’d all pray for me, that’d be greatly appreciated. Theo has a bad case of Malaria, so he’ll need your prayer too. We went swimming in ocean today, though our beach had a hole, so we swam in the beach in front of the Kendeja Resort. We weren’t caught, probably because no one owns the beach. My NaNo novel is doing amazing, I can’t wait to start! 🙂 Just came from looking at pictures of when we were younger. *fond smile* It can be a painful, a deep heartache that won’t leave for a few minutes, but yet so refreshing. I just keep in my mind, every time I miss home, my friends, wireless internet, free time, air conditioning, 24/7 electricity(ect.) God brought me here. If he sees fit to bring me here, what use is it to long for home? Sure, I had friends, a lot I lack here, but what use is it to argue with our creator? No use. 🙂 So my readers, every time you think back to something you miss, remember, we always have God. He never leaves. He is always here for us. “And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world(NKJV *sheepishly* Only Bible on hand)” Matthew(or according to the NKJV, “St. Matthew” :P) 28: 20b. And so, my readers, this confirms that we need not worry. For your amusement… Quotes, of me, when I was seven or so:
After being out of bed for the upteenth time, Mother angry: “Give me grace, Mom. Just one more chance. God wants you to.”-Me, I was five.

“Abra cadabra, turn my mommy into a horse.”-Me, I was seven. I loved horses.

We were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breath. So many good memories. They make me want to cry, the emotional person I am. :’)….. For your enjoyment, part of my Allyra(The Berinfell prophecies books) Short Story/fanfiction:

Mariel Silvertree tossed her curly brown hair behind her and frowned at the letter that lay in her lap. Every Elven Lord or Heir to Lordship in Allyra had read it.

To the Elven Lords of Allyra:
Come with haste. Gwar has gotten a hold of a very dangerous weapon.
-Taeva Ravenpath

Mariel frowned. But what was this “very dangerous weapon”? They would all soon find out. Mariel sighed, stood and buckled a rychesword about her waist.
Taeva Ravenpath waited impatiently, pacing the halls of the restored Vesper Crag, cleaned and polished, renewed after being torn down in the war against her father. She wore one of her best dresses, deep purple with shades of pink. She wore her black hair back in a ponytail. THe double doors to the hall opened. “Lord Alreenia Hiddenblade Silvertree, Lord Felheart Silvertree, Lord Hamandar Nightwing, Lord Miarra Swiftstorm Nightwing, Lord Thorwin Valorbrand, Lord Lothriel Oakenflower, Lord Albriand Ashheart, Sundrell Nightwing, Mariel Silvertree, and Guardmaster Eldara Goldarrow Grimwarden.” Someone announced. The Lords and their children entered and the doors were closed behind them.
“My lords, I fear great evil has invaded Allyra yet again. After our victory against Asp, as you know, I came here. From Asp’s fangs I filled one vial of venom. If has been stolen from my possession by a renegade Gwar. The very guards that guard this entrance now, saw on gwar leaving but yesterday, carrying a vial full of green liquid. It has been pilfered, my lords.”
Across the room, Lord Alreenia gasped.
Lord Felheart stepped away from the other Lords. “Why did you do this, Taeva? Do you wish another war to fall down upon the fragile heart of Allyra?”
Lord Thorwin nodded. “Aye, it was not a smart thing for yu t’be doin’.”
Taeva bowed her head. “I know. Forgiveness and alliance is all I ask for. After all, for the good of Allyra, we must apprehend this villain.”
Guardmaster Goldarrow nodded gravely. “Endurance and victory,”
“Endurance and victory,” the Lords echoed.
Mariel Silvertree followed her parents out of Vesper Crag, a grim expression taking over her face. She pulled her curly brown hair back into a ponytail as she mounted her horse. Her parents were silent as they mounted their horses. The silence of them all unnerved Mariel. As their company cantered forward, Mariel tried hard to ignore the gnawing fear growing in her stomach. Something was not right in Allyra. And she knew what. She glanced back at Vesper Crag, it’s towers high and majestic against the rosy dusk sky. The fortress had been changed, but the line of the Spider King hadn’t. It had one vial of venom in it’s possession, now, the whole of Allyra was held in balance. But the question was, would Taeva be acclaimed a traitor to the Lords?
Lord Alreenia Hiddenblade Silvertree, or “Kat” as she prefered to be called, laid a hand on her husband’s shoulder as he began to yell. “Peace, Tommy.”
Lord Felheart, or “Tommy” as he prefered to be called, looked up at her.
“Always the peacemaker, Kat?”
She smiled wryly. “Keep in mind I know what you are thinking.”
Tommy smiled and turned back to the other lords. “Jett, you are needed in this venture.”
Lord Hamandar, or “Jett”, smiled. “Why don’t we just wait for the venom to kick in?”
“It’s not meant to kill, but to change him into another Asp, another Spider King.”
Jett drummed his fingertips on the arm of his throne. “I see. So how do you propose we defend ourselves against this impending doom?”
Lord Miarra, or “Autumn”, bowed her head. “Only Ellos knows. Endurance and victory, fellow Lords. No matter what, Ellos will bring us through. We are the Children of Light. His people, he will rescue us.”
“Amen,” the other Lords said, smiles breaking out through out the room.
Guardmaster Eldara Goldarrow Grimwarden nodded from where she stood with the old Guardmaster, Olin Grimwarden.
“Grimwarden, gather the Flet Soldiers,” Johnny said with a frown. “Guardmaster Eldara, come, we must speak of how to apprehend this renegade Gwar.”
Mariel Silvertree paced the hall outside the Throne Room. Grimwarden dashed into the hall, hurrying towards the barracks. “Grimwarden,” Mariel cried. “What news?”
“It is war.”
Taeva Ravenpath paced the halls of Vesper Crag. It was late, past 1:00 AM, but Taeva Ravenpath could not sleep. Clad only in a nightgown, slippers, and robe, the late night autumn breeze chilled her to bone, like the sickening thoughts filling her head. But it did not matter. Taeva had a problem. “Why, Ellos?” She whispered. “Why would you let it be stolen?” A deep conviction came to Taeva. “Ellos, God of Allyra, forgive me for ever filling that dreaded vial!” Taeva fell to her knees, sobs choking in her throat.
Mariel unbuckled her rychesword from her waist and laid it on a seat. She sat on her bed. Her mother entered. “Mother! How went it?”
“No doubt Grimwarden told you, Mariel. It is war.”
Taeva Ravenpath composed herself and stood, dabbing her eyes with a hankerchief. The double doors to the hall swung open. Taeva turned, her black hair flying about her. She drew her sword. “Hello?” Pain nipped the back of her head. She crumpled to the ground.
The steps of many soldiers rang through the halls of Vesper Crag. One soldier dropped to his knees in front of a trashed hall. He motioned for the others to stay. “Lady Taeva?” He called. As he glanced around the room, she was nowhere in sight. The portraits of the Seven Lords of Allyra lay crushed on the ground. Two blades lay on the ground in the middle of the room. The blade of Taeva Ravenpath and the blade of a Gwar Soldier.
Over and out,


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