Randomness, Nervousness…..

Hello Readers. 
Guess what? I now have twenty followers!! So, I need to do some special long blogpost. 😛 SO, I, uh, by some miracle, decided to use a girl character for NaNo instead of Mornah….. So, Mornah has vanished from existance. 🙂 I’m not sure if he is very happy about that, but, hey, it ain’t his choice. 😀 My new character is Velaine D’Blire. Here is a short thing about her:
Name: Velaine D’Blire
Nickname: Laine, Vella, Vel
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Strait blond.
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Tomboy, likes to climb trees.
Usual Outfit: A knee-length dress of her tribe, along with vibrantly colored leggings. 
Experience With Trades: Cooking, cleaning, farming.
Weapons: Small dagger.
Parentage: Kevric and Lorinel D’Blire
Family: Kevric D’Blire, Lorinel D’Blire, Mirigal D’Blire
Station: Daughter of a farming peasant. Soldier.
As of the other day, I resolved to catch up on math, three days behind, six lessons to do. Ouch. Not to mention I hate math plus being terrible at it. So, for all those homeschoolers who hate math;
I advise you to listen to music. I reccomend “Me and Jesus” by Stellar Kart. Or is it just me who likes that song? 🙂 I have aa problem(:P) where if I am doing math, division especially, and keep getting the problem wrong, I start to cry. I’m highly emotional and lack pain tolerance. And my dog likes to wake me at random times at night. I get an average of six hours of sleep each night, partially my fault. What can I say? I like to read. Anywho, I am also easily discouraged and a year behind in math. I’m doing fifth, but I am in sixth. Yeah. I manage to convice myself I am completely and utterly going to fail. Not much of an optomist. 
 But, anyways, I wrote more of my Berinfell Fanfiction. Here it is:
Mariel pulled on a robe, grabbed her rychesword, and dashed into the hallway. “What is it? Why are the bells ringing?” Mariel asked the door guard. 
He glanced over at her. “It woke you?”
“Aye. What is it?” 
“Lady Taeva was kidnapped from Vesper Crag. They found her sword and that of a Gwar’s in a hall. Apparently she had fought valiantly but lost.”
Mariel frowned. “Are the Lords going to Vesper Crag?”
“Aye, my lady.”
Mariel dashed back into her chambers and pulled on an embroidered white tunic with white leggings. She was buckling on her rychesword when her mother entered. “Oh, Mariel. You can’t go.”
“What! Is not Sundrell going?”
A smile twitched at the corners of Kat’s blue tinted lips. “Of course. Tommy and the other men decreed us females should stay and protect Berinfell.”
Mariel snorted. “Berinfell has capable warriors.”
“Mariel…” Kat glanced back as Mariel’s father entered. 
“Your mother is right, Mariel. Try to get some sleep.”
“Please, Father!”
“No! You aren’t going.” 
Mariel glared at Tommy and sat on her bed. “Fine. I’ll try to sleep.” Her parents left and she fell back on the bed, tired but unable to sleep.
Taeva awoke in a darkened room. “So she awakes,” a voice boomed.
Taeva tried to stand, but instead found she was bound by rough ropes. “Who are you?”
“Calm, my lady. I am Jovanin Derigue.”
She scowled at the tall Gwar. “I suspect you were the one who pilfered the vial from Vesper Crag.”
Jovanin laughed. “You are right. I have yet to use it. But when I do, no one will be able to withstand me!”
Taeva blew a black curl out of her face. “The Lords defeated my father, the first to try, and by far the strongest. Then, Asp. You really think they cannot do it again?”
“It has been many years since they fought in a full scale battle.”
“You think that would diminish their prowess?”
Jovanin scowled. “I’ll cross that ravine when I get to it.”
“And thus, it shall creep upon you and be your doom,” Taeva sighed. “Do what you wish.”
“Your curiousity is not even the smallest bit inflamed for why I kidnapped you?”
Taeva glared at him. “Why is that, Jovanin?”
“I need you, Taeva Ravenpath, daughter of the Spider King, to take the venom. I mixed in a bit of extra liquids to help you turn to evil.”
Taeva narrowed her eyes. “The Dark Arts?”
“Of course.”
“Sorcery,” Taeva growled.
“Don’t worry, dear Lady Taeva. I’ll make it hurt as much as I can.” Jovanin stepped forward, holding a large needle-tipped syringe filled with venom. Taeva thrashed against her bindings.
Mariel awoke the next morning, refreshed but with a grwoing dread. At breakfast, she guessed where her dread came from.
Mother broke it to her. “Your father isn’t back yet.” 
Mariel looked dumbfounded. “What? But, they should be back by now.” Dread overwhelmed her senses. 
“Are you going after him?”
Kat’s sepia brown eyes flared. “Of course.”
Mariel grinned despite her dread. “I’m in.”
Taeva broke through the ropes with two small, quick bursts of lightning. She jumped away from Jovanin, warily eying the syringe. 
“I had forgotten your powers. Very well, if you are not willing…” Jovanin rolled up his tunic sleeve and injected it into his arm. 
Taeva gasped, her eyes wide. She collapsed against one wall.
Anyway, I found Young Writers NaNoWriMo.com, so I am doing this officially. I set my goal for 50,000 and I’ll shoot for the stars. If I miss, then I shall fall to the moon. Icky. That would be  splattery death, and consider there is no gravity in space, I can’t even fall, so, I’d die from lack of air……
Random Novel Character: Sorry about her rambling. *shuts out the lights* 
Author: Hey! *turns lights back on* That wasn’t very nice. If I get twenty-one followers, I’ll post my prologue and chapter one on here when I get them written!! Endurance and Victory.
Over and Out,

4 thoughts on “Randomness, Nervousness…..”

  1. I know how you feel with the math. I occasionally listen to music while I'm doing my math as well, though I just listen to the LOTR soundtracks. For some reason, if I listen to music with words (at least, words I can understand), I can't focus.

    Cool new part of the TBP fanfiction. Very suspenseful. 🙂


  2. Oh, it's awesome! I've been a follower I just don't know how to do it officially. I KNOW how you feel about math. Ugh. But if you have a fun teacher like I do–gruff, beekeeper, and knows what he's doing–then it's okay. Right now we're doing angles. I hate angles, except for right angles because they're so simple. I prefer expressions with variables and where we figure out the variable.

    Good luck for NaNoWriMo! I LOVE your fanfiction. Here are the names I thought up of:
    Merricka and Eldera Hiddenblade/Silvertree
    Parison and Nelzion Oakenflower/Ashheart
    Edaenberga Valorbrand
    Faith Swiftstorm/Nightwing

    This is a super long comment. You rock, Ryebrynn!


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