The Number’s Eleven

I was tagged by Pathfinder. I’d glare at her for tagging me, but I enjoyed this.

1.) Are you and I mad?
Mad as in mentally crazy? If so, I am(Just kidding! Perhaps….). Or if you mean the emotion, no.

2.) Do you read nonfiction for fun?

3.) How do you feel about opera?
It breaks the windows in my ears. 😛

4.) Are you human?

5.) When you traveled to Saturn, what did you find?

6.) What would you do if the people in your television walked into your living room?
Um, I’d be creeped out, ’cause I don’t have a television.

7.) Are you a pumpkin – eater?

8.) Have you developed an immunity to iocane? 
Iocane? How does an African eleven year old even know what that is? I have a big vocabulary, but yet I lack understanding of that word. 😛

9.) Under what circumstances did you join the Dread Pirate Roberts’ crew?
Knife point, very terrifying.

10.) If you bumped into Adolf Hitler, what would you say to him?
I’d accuse him of all his crimes.

11.) Why are you staring at my nose? 
Here it is; I’m not staring at your nose.

Here is eleven things about myself:

1.) I’m crazy.

2.) I stay up late.

3.) My hair is brown.

4.) I’m not a four year old.

5.) I enjoy music loud enough to blast your ears.

6.) I am a nerdy writer.

7.) I’m a stalker.

8.) I love skirts.

9.) I have an obsession with sugar. 

10.) I practically live in my novel world. :O

11.) I’m eleven.

Here’s the eleven questions for whoever I tag.
1.) Do you like chocolate?

2.) Do you like sugar?

3.) Are you homeschooled?

4.) Do you write?

5.) Have you ever taken a freezing cold shower?

6.) Do you like to write?

7.) Do you have a strange interest in everything sugary and sweet?

8.) Are you allergic to anything?

9.) Do you live in a strange location?

10.) How many animals do you have?

11.) Do you like candy?

And that concludes it.

I hope you all enjoyed that! I tag; 
I’m taking my chances and tagging….
*drumroll again*
Um, I’m still thinking….
*drumroll again*
Anyone who wants to do it. If you’re brave, try it. 🙂



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