It’s Back….. *groan*


Okay, guys. hate to break it to you, but I have Typhoid again. Take notice of the title. Yuppers, sixth time. Can’t figure out how it happened though. I’m soooo careful(NOT)….. Uh, yeah. Okay, so I do have a small idea of how it happened. I’d try to protest that it isn’t my fault, but I’m thinking it is. Yeah… So, I narrowly escaped having to take the dreaded ORS again and got stuck with eight pills a day. Can you believe it? EIGHT. Eight stinkin’ pills. Not my idea of fun. The good thing is, though, my mom buys me Snack Packs to eat with my pills. Woohoo. Yeah.

Summary of my day:

Take pills, be bored, bother siblings, and….


How’s it sound? BORING. So instead of boring you further, I’ll end this post.

Over and Out,

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