Sickly Stoppings

My work renovating has come to an abrupt stop. Typhoid has come to call, along with it’s deadly sidekick, Malaria. Yup.

Yup. SICK. With Typhoid, Malaria and a cold. Sixty pills for ten day. Calculating, Six pills a day. Ugh. And that’s only the TYPHOID treatment. 
For Malaria, I have to take a pill I fancy is the size of a tum, Folic Acid, Ibuprofen, and Amoxicillin. UGH.
Boring days. And the huge pill is ACT and makes me loopy. At times I am energetic want to laugh my head off for no reason and at other times I am REALLY tired and feel like weeping.

Not fun. 😦

Over and Out sickly,
-Ryebrynn Lyla Shveer Crossblade, The Crazy and Explosive

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