The Midnight Labyrinth by Sahara Adalyn Moran ALERT: HUGE SPOILERS!!

The Midnight Labyrinth by Sahara Adalyn Moran(alias Ada Valorbrand)

In my full opinion, The Midnight Labyrinth was epic, a work of genius  Sahara Adalyn Moran(or as I shall refer to her, Ada)  wove a work of epicness with characters that grab you by the throat, anger you, annoy you, surprise you, and that you love through-out the book. It opens with a chilling, awe-inspiring prologue, and then a suspenseful first chapter.
Arella Zephyr is a character that at times annoys you, sometimes make you think: why-on-earth-did-you-just-do-that or why-did-you-have-to-provoke-Hansrai and annoy you to no end, but yet, makes you love how she is who she is and laugh at her spats with Hansrai, then grin at Kiran and Kirrat’s descriptions of her. In a nutshell, Arella Zephyr is the most wanted thief in Aselda, The Alley Cat, and has a testy, easily upset personality that is covered in a mental shield  Soon after figuring out her magical abilities, she runs into King Hansrai the III and is tossed into the salad of adventure and danger, and worst of all, her most annoying nemesis, Hansrai, whose father killed her family. Will Arella Zephyr have enough strength left to survive The Midnight Labyrinth and overcome her hate for Hansrai because of what his father did?
Jared is the thirteen-year-old brother to Arella Zephyr. He is faced with the problems of his sister holding secrets against him and the bitterness of their hard life. In The Midnight Labyrinth I was a bit vexed about the fact that Ada didn’t elaborate much on him and his personality, and that he is viewed to me as more of a major character than a main. Jared was more pushed out of the story, as it concentrated majorly on Hansrai and Arella. Not that I’m complaining, though. 🙂
Hansrai the III is the young eighteen-year-old king(prince, as Arella would say… :P) of Aselda. Drawn away from his duty as one of the chosen by the evil Abraxas, his traitorous advisor, he is finally drawn back by his late father’s advisor, Nicanor. He runs off with Arella and Jared, not trusting either of them in the least. Confused by Arella’s mixed, bitter personality(or mask), and her enchanting self, he is yet convinced that she has meant to murder him though-out the book.
Three young chosen are Aselda’s only hope. Bickering chosen. Arella, Jared, and Hansrai must enter The Midnight Labyrinth and stop Seuderak’s rise before it is too late. Can they succeed? Will they succeed?

And to quote the ending:

“I don’t think it’s over.
And, dear reader, it’s not over.”

Ada, if you read this post, keep writing, for I eagerly await The Tome of Blood!!

-Ryebrynn Lyla Shveer Crossblade alias Brynna Sarayla Jakoso Crossblade(the crazy)


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