June Bug by Chris Fabry(A Review)

“I believed everything my daddy told me until I walked into Walmart and saw my picture on a poster.”
Nine-year-old June Bug and her daddy, John Johnson, travel the US in a dilapidated RV, sleeping in Walmart parking lots. One day, in a Colorado Walmart, June Bug sees a picture of herself, complete with the irregular birthmark on her cheek, except it says she is missing. June Bug is surprised, and is sure it can’t be her, for the name lists “Natalie Anne”.  She knows there his something her daddy is hiding from her, and about this same time, a loving grandmother is searching for her missing granddaughter, who was kidnapped seven years ago as her mother left a bar. June Bug must find the truth, but can she confront her “father”?

So, my grandmum introduced me to this book. She was reading it for her “Hesston Novel Chicks” meeting and thought I should read it and listen in on the conversation. June Bug was very well-written and good, thought I must admit that I guessed the ending half-way through. It was fairly clean, and I enjoyed it. 
I rate it 8 out of 10 stars.



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