Villain Tag

Leilani tagged me. So here goes.

(1.) Who is your favorite (or main) villain of the book/series you are writing, and how would you describe his/her character?
I would have to pick Aracora Irene DeathSeeker from The Heirs of Jaydill. Aracora starts out as an assassin, but as the book moves on, it gets easier to see her grappling for the throne, and it shows that she is the true villain, not Deryck. Aracora is just plain evil. She greatly enjoys the pain of others, somewhat because of the pain that people like them had caused her. She relished her job before her grapple for power, mostly because she killed people. She used her position to analyze how her employers reacted to certain things, thus helping her rise being well-planned.

(2.) What special powers (if any) does this villain have?
Aracora is one of the last of a dwindling race, the Shape-Shifters. She is adept with poisons, and can get inside other people’s minds. If injured while in one form, she can shift to another and be healed by the power of the shift.

(3.) What was your inspiration for the character?
That’s a rather interesting question to ask. Aracora at first seemed thrown in there, but I think she was inspired loosely by the assassin that Jango Fett hired to kill Padme in Episode II of Star Wars. But other than that, she’s a character on her own, not influenced by other things.

(4.) Of all the villains in your book/series, what distinguishes this villain from the others?
Aracora has been humbled before, so her pride isn’t as tall as other villains. Deryck, the secondary villain, has always held that position of power, so if I were to compare Aracora to him, she would come out as the better. She actually can greatly defend herself, and can accomplish many jobs herself that he would have others do. 

(5.) Even though this character is on the side of evil, what trait does this villain posses that you admire?   
Aracora is strong. She stands in places that I would cower. And yet… she has a conscience. She does not kill mindless. She reminds herself day-after-day of those she has killed. And she, if anyone can even believe this, says sorry.

(6.) What lessons can be learnt from the character’s story? 
Evil will always fall, and when it does, it is a long fall, and it hurts to hit the bottom.

(7.) If you had the opportunity to meet your villain, would you do so? 

Uh… I’d have to decline. She’d kill me.

There you have it. And I hope you enjoyed that.
I tag:
Jag Swiftstorm



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