Kansas!(And somewhat on the Avengers)

I’m home! Yes!! Finally!!
This is the reaction I had last night(or this morning) at 4 AM. I don’t mean to diss Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and other states, but Kansas is home. And we’re back. It’s been a long month, and school starts soon. Why have we gone to the aforementioned place, might you ask? Missouri—my best friend lives in Missouri.
Iowa—Muscatine is where we used to live, so we had a few fundraising dessert things there and randomly played Super Smash Bros Melee with our friend.
Nebraska—Some old Iowa friends moved there, so we went to visit them.
North Carolina—Missionary training! ‘Twas fun. But hard to say goodbye. I nearly cried over a can of 3-bean salad because it tasted like something I ate there with Caris and Mikayla.
We’re home, now! But more travelling looms ahead. O_O

What do I mean by: (And somewhat on the Avengers), do you wonder? I had the chance to watch The Avengers while in Iowa. It was awesome. Afterwards, I went to Wal-Mart and bought an Avengers shirt. But everyone tells me it looks like a Hunger Games shirt and that makes me kind of mad. Perhaps very mad. Quite mad. Horribly mad. I should just leave this at “mad”.

Did I mention earlier the fact that Project ASKIO was not going to be available for sale once I get my copies? Change of plans! The offer expired, but beforehand I managed to convince someone in NaNoWriMo to tell me how to get the copies, since my code actually malfunctioned and refused to work. So, I was told that I would get the free copies once I made my story available for sale. So I will be selling it! I must bid you all farewell now, though.


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