Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl; A Review

She will always claim her tithe. Such is the law of the Sea.”

Once again, Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s has created a masterpiece. It may be held accountable for a sleepless night or two, whilst I was reading it. Goddess Tithe was superb.
As good as it was, I felt that Goddess Tithe wasn’t as well-written as the rest of the Tales of Goldstone Wood.
Since the main character was younger, Goddess Tithe felt directed more toward younger audiences than the rest of the books.
I believe, since Anne Elisabeth was used to writing older characters, Munny acted a bit too old for his age.
The relationship between Munny and Leonard was great.
Anne Elisabeth’s characters were all well-formed, though I felt like she could have done more with Tu Pich.
The illustrations were brilliant.
Thank you for another masterpiece, Lady Anne!
Goddess Tithe tells the tale of Leonard the Jester’s journey to Lunthea Maly, through the view of Munny, a boy on the ship Leonard travels with. But when Captain Sunan announces that they won’t give Leonard as tithe to the Goddess Risafeth, the crew is shocked, for Risafeth always claims her tithe, whether those who owe it to her give in willingly or not. Munny and Leonard become an unlikely pair, and neither can understand the other.
She will always claim her tithe.

Can they survive her wrath, and all make it to Lunthea Maly alive? Find out in Goddess Tithe!

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