Let Us See…

Well, I’ve decided I’m going to try to post AT LEAST twice a week–or once.
The post is titled “Let Us See…” for the main purpose of the fact that we are going to try to figure out if my life is interesting enough to post that often about. Let us start with a poem. It is about Sherwood Forest, and I have written it for School.

“Shady glades,
Half-lit caves,
Errant leaves,
Redwood bees,
Wandering trees,
Opulent leas,
Old wheeze,

Dear seas.”

It’s a horrid poem, I know. It’s an acrostic poem. See how the first letters of each sentence, put together, spell Sherwood? 🙂 So… What to say next?
How about an update on my NaNoWriMo?

Word Count: 30, 304
Day: November 19th
Goal for Today: 31, 700
My Status: Not yet to goal
The Time: 10:21 PM
My Thoughts on Whether I’ll get the goal for today or not: Probably not. I have to go to bed in thirty minutes.
And that’s all for today.
Farewell, readers,

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