You Know You’re A Writer When….

First things first. Rayne Speryll over at Writing in Rivendell tagged me. Here’s the tag thing.

“For this tag I must link back to the person who tagged me, state four to six tell-tale signs of being a writer (without knowingly copying anyone else), and proceed to tag as many more bloggers as I see fit.”(yes, I took this sentence from Rayne)


1. You can’t go thirty minutes without thinking up a new “brilliant” plot twist for your current story.

2. You spend every waking day with a head full of ideas.

3. Your dreams turn into *gasp* novel ideas.

4. You spend car drives staring out the window and thinking of how the things you see could be put in your novel.

5. The keys on your keyboard start sticking because you are constantly pounding out stories.

6. When you start telling yourself stories to go to sleep instead of counting sheep. 

Now… To Tag!

I tag….


Wild Horse


and Trista Vaporblade

Hope you enjoyed the post!


P.S. You don’t have to do the tag unless you want to, and if I didn’t tag you, and you want to do the tag, then, by all means, you’re tagged. 🙂


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