Mr. Fuchs

In German, Mr. Fox.

Fuchs, as we generally call him, is the ELWA dog. He barks, he guards.
He is technically Frieda’s dog, but while she was in the UK, we were feeding him, and he, well….
He chose us.
Fuchs is not the average dog. He chooses his owners most of the time. But, hey. Who said I didn’t enjoy having a loyal, nice, and good guard dog? 😛
By the by, this is Fuchs:

This is his: “Oh my goodness, it’s you! I’m so happy to see you!” look, by the by.

This is him swimming in the lagoon just off the ocean. He jumps in there whenever we’re walking, but by the time we get there(usually) he’s out and ready to keep walking.

This is Fuchs’s: “staring off into space and perhaps a lizard or person I could bark at” look. 
So, Fuchs is pretty awesome, pretty great, and he’s probably the oldest dog in Liberia, and definitely the oldest dog on ELWA. 
He’s a legend.
Well, he is to me. 

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