A Friendly Feline

Greetings, dear readers.
Over the last month or more, I got to know a Liberian family that lives here on ELWA. One of the things at we had in common was…
They owned seven cats. NaNoWriMo became much easier for me, because there was something filling the hole that had formed in my NaNo work over the last year.
I had Ninja.
And, for a bit, I once again had cats in my life.
I’m sure you’re trying to figure out why exactly I’ve named this post “A Friendly Feline”.
The family(let’s call them the W’s for now)’s oldest cat was named Friendly. I do intend to post a longer blog post later, and I could have included this in that post, but I felt Friendly needed a blog post to herself.
Why a whole blog post?
Today, after a chaotic set of family pictures, I ran into Mr. and Mrs. W. Naturally, I felt I should ask how the cats were doing.
Before this, Friendly had not been herself.
They told me exactly how she was doing.
Friendly is dead.
And she had orphaned three kittens.
The worst part is(other than the fact that she died), is that she had to be killed, because they suspected she had rabies. Which means, if Friendly had rabies, her kittens would to. Which means they are dead kittens now.
If they have rabies.
This also means I cannot get a kitten. I had my heart set on the black and white one.
Love is sacrifice.


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