Merry Valentines, all!

Merry Valentines to y’all!
Again we reach the holiday celebrated by love—the holiday of a Saint that was tortured and beaten. The holiday also known as Singles Awareness Day, with the acronym of SAD.
I was surprised, when I woke up to this morning, to find upon my desk a Valentine(a mock Valentine, sadly)—the first I had received since public school(which would be Kindergarten). It was from a mysterious man; “My Secret Admirer”, he called himself(I have my own ideas who it is from).
Inside was the strangest confession of love I have found in this strange, romantic holiday.
I confess my love for this strange man who does not know that it is XOXOXO, not XYZXYZ, is not at all like the neck of a giraffe.
Especially since this man is my brother.
Yes, it is sort of awkward to get a Valentine from one’s brother, but it carries a certain… specialness. Well, the memory does, at least. My love for my brother is more like a one of the heads of a two-headed snake.
Okay, maybe not that drastic. But I think you get the picture. 🙂

Also, I watched The End of Time. It totally broke my heart. So thus I finished David Tennant’s Era of Doctor Who.
Also, my Mum’s cousin is coming in March.
And A Draw of Kings(Patrick W. Carr) comes out in four days!!!!
And Shadow Hand(Anne Elisabeth Stengl)comes out in March(I think)
And Dark Sea Annals 3(Wayne Thomas Batson) comes out this fall.
And Raising Thendara(Christopher Hopper)comes out this spring/summer.
And Dream Treaders(Wayne Thomas Batson)comes out this spring/summer.
And Viral Execution(Amanda L. Davis)comes out sometime in the next few months.
And Anne Elisabeth Stengl is going to reveal the cover for Golden Daughter on the 24th!
Lots of books.
And my birthday is coming up(as in April 27). I’ll be turning thirteen.
Now comes the moment for the heartfelt part of this blogpost.
I just want to say thank you. To all of you. Your support ever since I joined the blogger world has been invaluable, and you are all martyrs for putting up with my short, and sometimes nonexistent blog post.
You’re all fantasic. Brilliant. * salutes *

Merry Valentines!

P.S. Jake was pretending to be under the guise of my “secret admirer”. He was confessing my admirer’s love for me, not his. Merry Valentines!

5 thoughts on “Merry Valentines, all!”

  1. Sibling valentines, especially the homemade ones, are the best. *nods*

    And YAY books. I didn't know Viral Execution was coming out so soon, though I knew all the others.

    And Shadow Hand comes out on MARCH 4TH!


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