So I promised a post.

Of course I would do that.
And I promised it about my tragedy…. *headworld*
I do stuff like that.
First, this story is a….
I’ll bet y’all didn’t guess that… 😛
Anyway, it’s about a girl named Ailwyn Torrent, and how a whole lot of spoilerific things happen to her. 😛
I do have a synopsis/blurb, though. I took it from the first three or so paragraphs of the story. 

I never meant to meet Ailwyn Torrent—but I met her all the same. And, I fear, I would have been a different man without her.My story starts in Airsdacc Forest. If you will lend the time to me, I will tell you my tragedy—the tragedy shared with both her, and Raul Svett.I met Ailwyn in Airsdacc Forest—and I remember the shock of my fingers on the skin of her arm—that’s where it all started. Where my regular life turned itself the wrong way around. You could even say that it was her fault. 

Anyway, I told it through the views of Raul Svett and Darren Kingsson, but they aren’t the MC.
The MC is Ailwyn Torrent, a reclusive young woman who lives in Airsdacc Forest and hasn’t touched a person in years.
The blurb/synopsis is through Darren’s POV, by the way.

And here’s a bit of spoiler-less dialogue for y’all as well…

“Was I hit by a bolt of lightning?” I asked, and the idiocy of my question struck me.
Humor crept into her brown irises, and she released a small laugh.”No.”
“What happened, then?”
She caught her breath, and the humor vanished from her eyes, and what little color there was in her face drained away until she was as white as virgin snow. “I-I….” she took a deep breath, and somehow, her composure returned. Like I have already stated: she was a remarkable woman. “That I cannot tell you.”
It was my turn to be as utterly confused as she was at my earlier question. “Why?” I asked.

She bit her lip, and the color drained from her lip where her teeth pressured it. “It is confidential.”
Okay, here’s the part of the post I dreaded writing. The part about the genre of my story.
Don’t judge a book by it’s genre.
Because this genre is interesting.
I may be putting it off.
But I have a reason.
I would say “I have a good reason”, but I don’t exactly know if I do.
Anyway the genre is……
(don’t judge a book by it’s genre)
(unless it’s paranormal romance, or Twilight(which has it’s own genre of “do not read”), or How-To books)
Romantic Tragedy
It sounds strange. 
I promise you the story isn’t all mush. 
The official name for the story(at the moment) is Gift: a romantic tragedy.
That’s all I can tell you for now. Don’t want to spoil anything! But, you can all watch out for it here
That is, if you still want to read it after this post.
Oh, yes, and my mother’s cousin is visiting. 
And I have a cold.
And I just finished reading a book with a cliffhanger at the end(and the next book isn’t out yet).
Life continues as normal.
I think.
Mallows and Blessings,

2 thoughts on “Tragedy”

  1. I think your blurb could use some work. I guessed from the first two lines that he met Ailwyn in Airsdaac Forest, so you didn't need to actually say so. And it really doesn't seem to flow all that well. The story sounds interesting, though. When are you going to post it so I can actually read it?


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