Aracora Through the Ages—with aid from Pinterest, of course

So I was looking randomly around Pinterest today. And I was like, “Hey, what did Aracora look like when she was a little girl, then a teenager? We’ve seen her present day, but what about past?”
An epiphany! So, what do I think Aracora looked like at different ages???

How about when she was little(and innocent–hard to imagine, I know)?

I wasn’t even looking for this, but when I stumbled across this, I knew–this is Aracora. She’s a little girl, and since no one ever dyes streaks of black in their hair, that is lacking. And the latter is lacking in all the pictures, but *shrugs* s’okay.
Next we have right-before-adolescence….

Girl on the left is Aracora. Considering chances of girl on the right being Lilith…. Now, Aracora wouldn’t be caught dead hugging someone(well, maybe she would at that age). That’s her at ten. If girl on the right is Lilith, then she’s nine.

Next, adolescent Aracora

Present-looking Aracora….

You probably expected that one. And I’m going to throw in this creepy photo I found, which could totally be Aracora, but if you replace the yellow eyes with red ones and streak the hair with black.

Anyway, that’s all. Hope you enjoyed the post!!



5 thoughts on “Aracora Through the Ages—with aid from Pinterest, of course”

  1. The villain of my Work In Progress(WIP). She's my favorite character of my characters. 🙂


    P.S. If you are interesting in reading the series she's in(she's in the third book), email me at . She's also in a sequel series to that series as the main villain(maybe). 🙂


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