"When we get home, I’m going to eat roast beef."

In which my blog post title has nothing to do with my post

I suppose y’all have been wondering if I am indeed still alive. Me, alive? A horrendous thought indeed. Awhile back, it was decided by me and a certain red-head that I’m not alive, nor am I dead. I’m mostly alive. *tips hat to Pathfinder* 
But I am here, so I must be alive enough to type… And I still have enough imagination to write novels, and sound not-robotic in a conversation….
Mostly alive indeed. What have I been up to… Hm… That’s what a blog post is supposed to be, correct? 
Well, I had a surprise birthday party. 
And there’s a highly dangerous sickness going around.
And I may have to leave the country soon. 
Anyway, I got stuff for my birthday.
And balloons.
Canadian ones.
And I may not blog for awhile, but I started a short story. Or maybe it’s a novella. Or maybe it’s a fail. I don’t exactly know, but I’m willing to share the prologue with y’all on the terms that y’all remember it might be a fail, so the prologue may be all of it you ever read. 
One maybe fail prologue coming up 🙂

An Interrupted Peace
“And how is my favorite blossom?” Mark’s voice startled me, and I whirled to face him.
I pursed my lips and sat upon the bench, folding my hands neatly in my lap and looking up on him.
“I have just come from your father,” Mark said, a gloating smirk on his lips. He crossed his arms across his chest.
My mind figured it out before Mark even told me. “He granted you permission to marry me,” I blurted out, and Mark laughed.
“Yes, my dear blossom,” he said, “your father seems to care more about land than the… happiness of his daughter.” the words came like a kick to my stomach. My mind swirled with the impossibility. Father had always cared; why not now? “What did you offer him?”
“Exactly what he wanted.” Mark said, shrugging.
I stiffened as he approached, and then sat upon the bench beside me.
“You think land will buy a wife, Mark,” I hissed, “and perhaps it may, but it will not buy you me.”
“I’m afraid that is where you are wrong, my dear blossom,” Mark said, “it has already bought you me.”
Mark brought his hands up under my chin, tilting my head to face him. His face hovered closer, and I guessed his intent. I punched him hard in the gut, then stood. “Do not try that again, sir,” I said, and then turned and took my leave of the garden.
I may have gone out to my haven for peace, but that peace had been interrupted, and it was a peace I could not regain, after Mark’s news.
And it was after Mark’s news that I knew what I was to do.
I was going to run away.

Aaanywaaay…. I like the text. And the MC. 😛
Have I mentioned my kitty is very cute? She really is. 😉 
Thanks for reading. 
Go ahead, comment away. Also, what movie or T.V. show is the quote I used for the blog title from? Go ahead and guess! 🙂

7 thoughts on “"When we get home, I’m going to eat roast beef."”

  1. I'm guessing the title is from Doctor Who. Or maybe Robin Hood.
    I like the prologue to the short story; it sounds fascinating, and I want to know what convinced the girl's father to force her to marry this man.
    Still praying for you.


  2. Your latter guess is correct. It's from Robin Hood
    Well, if the story works out, you can read it. 🙂
    Thank you so much for praying! We really need all the prayers we can get right now, so it means a lot to know you're praying for us.



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