“Why don’t they love me?’ “You burned down their church with them in it.” “Yes, and?”

In which I explain how a strange thing called life has occurred, and I try to explain it here, starting with my lack of loneliness, and ending with a certain show that had just been given to me, and I’ve also had a revelation(“What?!?! Normal people don’t get up at Noon or later?!?!?!?!)

Ah, life. ‘Tis strange.
I feel kinda bad I haven’t blogged in…. well, a long time. I’m sure y’all have been completely fine without this bothersome ramblings disturbing your blog feeds, but I’ll blog this post all the same.
I’m not lonely anymore. * grins* Don’t know if I blogged about my loneliness, but I posted about it on Google+ and the Underground, for all that’s worth. Anyway, several months ago I met some people who said they had kids my age and Vren’s and I was, like, “Oh, that’s nice.” However when my mom managed to drag me away from my music and novels and books and the computer to go and MEET them, I found out they had kittens!(wonderfullnes!) So, naturally, I returned, if only for the kittens. Then I kinda started talking with BW, which turned into “Ooh cats!”, then “BOOKS!”, then book reccomendations, then, “Hey, we’ve got a pretty cool friendship here, can I have a kitten?”(yes, they gave us Marble. :D), then after that, I couldn’t stop coming, especially when Friendly died(Friendly was mentioned an a different blog post—she was their cat), and we took Marble and finally the kittens surviving were just Marble and the kitten they kept since Friendly died, which they named after her mother, so she’s basically Friendly 2.0, then next thing I knew, we were pretty close friends, so, we had a sleepover which turned out quite well and also was so awesome we decided to keep BW for an extra night, and then we were like: “Hey, BW’s dog is pregnant,” and I was like, “I like you guys a lot so I’m going to spend a lot of time at your house”, and then BW borrowed one of my books(technically four, but it was a four-in-one paperback of a series I bought for eight bucks on Amazon), The Homelanders, and then my parents spent a day in the bush, so I went to their house(and took along my favorite TV Show(BBC Robin Hood), and we watched five episodes, then talked and talked and talked and talked and BW walked me home while we talked some more(What can I say? I like to talk!). Then, hey, next thing I know I’m spending full days there and hardly any time at home, and I get invited over for a sleepover and we talk and talk and talk and (I’ll bet you didn’t guess this one) talk. We finished Season One of Robin Hood, and advanced to Season Two, and talked a lot and wished her dog would have the puppies already. Then…
Mrs. W called and said the dog was giving birth. Almost all the puppies were born when Vren and I arrived, but Igot to see the last one be born(and, frankly, it’s a bit disgusting, the birth of a puppy). There were six puppies, but the first one died because the mum didn’t know what to do, but the rest survived. All the survivors are boys, and three are a brownish color and two are black. There’s a black one that eats a LOT that we named Much(a Robin Hood character), and the rest aren’t named, though we nicknamed the other black one M.E.T., which stands for Much’s Evil Twin. We don’t exactly know it Met is evil though. And he definitely won’t be officially named Met. 😛 Also… 😦 😦 😦 One of the surviving puppies died.
Pictures of the remaining four soon. I promise.
So I have a friend now(here, I mean. I’ve got great friend in the States on on the beautiful Internet, too). You can all dance around the room in excitement for me, or just yawn and say, “That’s nice”. I WON’T JUDGE.
BW’s a great friend—I’m lucky. But I won’t abandon y’all.
I think.
By the way, how many of you check my Writing blog? Just curious.
I’ve been thinking of doing a newsletter type thing for writer’s that’s just once a month, but it’s to encourage writers. I wrote up the first issue, but I really need to know if anyone’d be interested. Of course, I’m going to ask on other places, but y’all can be the first to know. I just want to know y’all’s thoughts(“y’all’s” is fun to write/type…). It’ll be monthly or weekly or bi-weekly…. something like that. Time-travel may be used to get the issues done of time….
I’ve been revisiting movies from my childhood! Animal Farm, The Aristocats, Aladdin, The Lion King, Homeward Bound… 🙂 Awesomeness, those movies. Animal Farm is still depressing, though. I wonder why my parents let me watch it when I was a kiddo. I’m also recovering from a very nasty cold(nasty enough for me to turn down an offer of schwarma and french fries(I regretted that)), which wouldn’t let me go anywherewithout toilet paper to my nose. People kept asking me if I was crying. I had a sore throat too, and now I have the remnants of that runny nose and a horrible cough(every two seconds, meh). I get sick too much.
Also: I REALIZED SOMETHING. Normal people don’t get up at noon or later. Go figure. So I’ve been going to bed decently(except for right now), and getting up at 10:30 or earlier(yippee for me!). And now… PUPPIES!!!!
My dog Samwise and I have also become good friends. I taught him how to hug me and kiss my cheek(*sighs happily *).
I also read The Selectionby Kiera Cass. And I bought The Hero and the Crownby Robin McKinley FINALLY.And Reapersby Brian Davis.
And I was really scared of bikes for, like a month. I’m okay with that now.
Someone brought me Season Three of ROBIN HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’m kinda excited. I’ve watched a lot of stuff lately… 😛 What can I say? I don’t fancy going out in 100 degree weather(or more) when there’s Robin Hood to be watched.
What have y’all been doing this past long time since I last blogged?
Pining away for me doesn’t count as an answer.

Your Excitable and Errant Writer, Blogger, and Awesome Person,


1 thought on ““Why don’t they love me?’ “You burned down their church with them in it.” “Yes, and?””

  1. They made a movie of Animal Farm?!? My dad forced us to read it for school and I HATED IT. It was so depressing, I thought I would cry. Not exactly for the characters, but because I had to read about the characters. 😛 🙂


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