Amnesia Will Solve All Your Problems(a review)

An exciting new adventure from Stacey Nash, set in the world of The Collective.

When all is lost, she must remember… 

Anamae Gilbert managed to thwart The Collective and rescue her father, even though his mind is now a shell. Determined to stop Councilor Manvyke hurting her family again, she’s training to become an active resistance member and falling hard for resistance fighter Jax Belfry. But things never sail along smoothly – Manvyke wants retribution and Anamae’s name is high on his list.

After a blow to the head, she awakes in an unfamiliar location unable to remember the last few weeks. She can’t believe the fascinating new technology she’s seeing. She’s the new kid at school, and although weapons training comes with ease, something feels off. Why does the other new kid’s smile make her heart ache?
And why does her gut tell her to run?

Remember Me was a refreshing change from Forget Me Not. By far the better of two. After my annoyances with Forget Me Not, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t try for Remember Me. But when the chance sprang up, I, out of loyalty and curiosity, requested it. I was pleasantly surprised. Someone once said that you don’t pick at books unless you like them. I will confess to renaming Remember Me “Amnesia and Love Triangles”, like, twenty or thirty percent in. 🙂 But SERIOUSLY. Don’t read this book unless you like amnesia. Or love triangles.


Yes, he gets his own paragraph. He’s just my favorite character. Well written and dynamic, he jumps right off the page.

the plot
Waaaaaaay better plot than the first book.

the idea
Okay, supersecret spies fighting off evil with tech and martial arts? Yeah. I like it.


The is a slight amount of cursing. The d-word, and mentions of the f-bomb(not written out). And maybe a few others.

the love triangle
Bleh. And I always vote for the guy the girl probably isn’t going to end up with(except in extreme cases(i.e. The Selection Series by Kiera Cass)). And love traingles are a bit cliche.

He was a bit more likeable in this book, but still annoying.

Three and a half stars for this book. And enjoyable read, but not my favorite.

* I recieved a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


1 thought on “Amnesia Will Solve All Your Problems(a review)”

  1. I need to get stuck into this series, don't I?! I kind of even know the author and that makes me squee! (Although when I know the author I'm so hesitant to read their books in case I don't like them. >_< It's just awkward if I don't.) I'm glad the plot was way better!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!


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