Lost in Illinois

Hey there, guys.
I’m in a car on my way to North Carolina while I’m writing this, and you know me: of course it’s 2:30 in the morning. It’s been awhile. I’ve kind of given you all a mountain of reviews.
Yeah. Sorry about that.
Hey, so I thought you guys might want to know what’s happening in my life at the moment. My mom’s back. (A little backstory here, sorry. Due to the fact it’s 2:30, and that for some strange reason, the highway has a lackage of Internet, I can’t remember when I told y’all or not. I THINK you know I was evacuated from Liberia because of Ebola, so if you don’t… Hmm. Well, yeah, I was, and my mom stayed behind to brink back my new brother and sister, who we we’re in the process of adopting when we had to leave. We fought for a month to bring her back, and it was the longest month of my life. I needed my mom; she was my rock. And suddenly she wasn’t there. It was a growing period for me, where I had to think out of the box, had to act for myself, take what was put on me. I couldn’t fall back on my mom. Long story short, after a month my mom managed to get out of Liberia, and brought my baby sister and brother, our family’s foster kid, and someone’s dog. And the wait was kind of worth it, because she didn’t come alone, she was able to travel with a missionary couple, our good friends, who helped with the babies, the foster kid, and the dog.
Oh, and I got to be on TV. Surveillance helicopters, that all I’m saying. The video is still floating around on the internet if you poke around a bit.)
So, my mom’s back. Still get a bit excited to hear that. 🙂
So, to continue in story form, we got to keep the dog for a few weeks, and that seemed incentive for some Liberia friends to come visit us to get their dog. And then we realized that our dog was very, very fat… Which, of course, leads to suspicion. And also, it meant she was pregnant. We all settled on the ideas that three or four puppies would be nice, but I secretly latched on the ten puppies idea. Um, my bad. We had ten puppies. And the momma dog isn’t even very big. But they are all desperately cute, and it someone asks nicely, I might consider putting one in the mail. Actually, I won’t. My sister would not like that. It’s a generally realized idea that my sister is the primary caretaker of these puppies.
Anyway, now we are all headed to North Carolina, where we will be debriefed(strapped to chairs and tortured for information). On Tuesday we venture to Kentucky, where we are strategically placing ourselves to see some friends.Then Kansas City… Then home(12 hours in a car, and that’s a glorious thought)! Then we leave home and go to Texas. I’m still trying to get out of the Texas trip. Jake and Manny are visiting a college. The home again. And, while we’re traversing the world, anyone live in the Charlotte area? Or the Louisville area? We’ll be in both places.
AAnand, we just pulled into a gas station. Hasta la vista.

Your favorite person in the universe,


4 thoughts on “Lost in Illinois”

  1. You're not coming anywhere near me, sadly. Oh well. I highly doubt I'd get to meet you anyway. (Unless you decided to randomly stop at my church, in which case I might *actually* explode because meeting UGers would be *worth* exploding over.) Anyway. What college are Jake and Manny visiting? Can you say? (I understand if you can't.)


  2. So glad you are reunited with your family. It makes everything better when family is back together. Puppies are just an added bonus. 8-D Hope you have fun with them.


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