Saying Goodbye I: What Will I Miss?

This is the first of several blog posts in the “Saying Goodbye” series. I’m going back to Liberia in twelve days, and I’m just beginning my goodbyes. My bags aren’t packed, I still haven’t decided what books I’m taking, my room is a mess, and life gives the slight illusion of normalcy.

I try to trudge through a normal day, but at the back of my mind I realize everything I have to do. Suddenly, I don’t have enough time for it all. However, today we are conquering what I will miss here in America.
(these are not in order of their importance)
  • My cats
Janner and Tink
These little ones mean the world to me. I’ve spent the last few months with them, and I love them lots. 🙂 

  • My best friend:

She’s completely awesome and the bestest friend a girl could ask for. I’ve been blessed and privileged to have her for my best friend for several years now, and hopefully for the rest of my life.

  • Snow

It’s beautiful, sparkly, and cold. I’m gonna miss it.

  • Starbucks

I love Starbucks. ‘Nuff said.

  • The Freedom to Bake(a lot)
I love baking, but in Liberia the finances are tighter, and I have less free time. Sadly, what gets cut out is my baking.
  • Sunsets

  • The Cows

I love cows.

  • My Mugs

I love these mugs enough to leave them here.

  • This Dog

I love her.

  • The Old Stop Sign

I love it.

  • The Old Road

 This road goes ever on.

  • On Demand Studio C

‘Nuff said.

  • Spotify

Because it is awesome and I can’t stream music on Liberian Internet.

  • My Grandparents
Because I love them. 🙂

(sorry, I don’t have any pictures for this one)

Until next time,


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