A Call For Readers

Come one, come all! I’m searching for what I’m calling “Reaction Readers”(which is an extremely stupid name that I came up with on the spot) to read my current WIP chapter by chapter and, well… react. My WIP is a contemporary romance called CHASING THE STARS. Synopsis is below.

Elise Worthington is a normal girl. She marathons YouTube videos when she’s upset, and spends hours on the phone with her best friend. She’s always lived a few minutes out of Manhattan, Kansas. That is, until her mother flips her reality onto it’s backside. Elise has to leave her home to go to a boarding school in Hazel, Ontario.
That’s right—Canada.
But there is something more afoot in this swift decision than Elise originally imagined. As soon as Elise is out of the picture, her mother elopes with a Spanish dude. Elise is stranded in Canada, with her only contact living in Thunder Bay. Elise leaves the boarding school, hoping to find her mother. She runs into a boy, literally, and dumps her coffee everywhere. That’s just the start, though. Joshua manages to convince Elise not to go. Elise isn’t done, however. She still needs her mother, so she enlists her roommates Cait and Melody to search the Web for any sign of her mother—and a way to reach her.

Elise is in over her head, but can she figure it all out before she damages the one person still holding on to her?

The book is the first in a contemporary series, all taking place in Hazel, Ontario. If any of you like it enough, you can read the second book too!  🙂 
If you are interested, email me at ryebrynn@gmail.com . 
Thank you all for your steadfast support!

1 thought on “A Call For Readers”

  1. At the moment, I'm over my head in beta reading that I'm supposed to do, so probably not. Unless you post it on the UG.
    Ask me again after Camp NaNo and that answer might change, however. By that point I'll not only be done with Camp, but I'll also be done with the vast majority of my schoolwork for the year, so I should have more time on my hands.


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