Random Fridays: Let’s Talk About Writing

Welcome to my first Random Fridays post! This meme was started by Awkwordly Emma.
So this week the topic is “Let’s Talk About Writing”.
Well, here we go!
I’ve decided to talk about my personal writing journey. Writing has been a huge part of my life for six years now. My journey started before that, though.
When I was little, I wrote two hundred word “novels” and used TONS of random pictures in them. Mostly they were about Native Americans, horses, and dogs. I would print them, staple them, and call myself “published”. I stopped for awhile though, when I convinced myself I was meant to be the word’s greatest chef. Then the world’s greatest fashion designer.
My desire to write was rekindled, however in (a certain year). I was eight(nine?) and I went to a creative writing class at my homeschool co-op.
The passion with which my teachers taught inspired me. I wrote and wrote and wrote that year. I would have never succeeded if it wasn’t for that writing class.
I hate public-speaking. But whenever we wrote a story in that class, we had to read it to the whole class. I hated sharing my writing. I even stopped for a little while when I heard I’d have to read it out loud to the whole class. I read one story to them.
And then I was hooked. I couldn’t stop. Because they laughed at my jokes, and cheered me up to the podium. I wouldn’t be writing today if it wasn’t for them. Halfway through the class, I started what would turn out to be my first full-length novel. It was about a girl named Ryebrynn who was an orphan. She found a dragon in the woods and raised it, then ran away with it to Graceland. Then she found out she was the chosen one to defeat Queen Jazaroonae and her adventures spanned three “books” which I later combined to one 60k story. That story, however, got shelved. Forever. But it lit the fire. I couldn’t enough.
After writing Freedom, I wrote a few short stories and then co-authored several books with a friend. Then I dabbled in world-crossing, cliché tales, and when I finally came to my senses, I had moved to Liberia, West Africa. It was in Liberia, in a dark, damply hot house that I started a new series, “The Chronicles of Alleure”. It was November of 2012, and I wrote like my fingers were on fire. I finished early. That was the last easybook I wrote. After that, writing fantasy was a struggle.
In between tCoA #1 and tCoA #2, I rewrote and finished a novel had been writing with a friend and then wrote several short stories(Ailwyn’s Gift andThe Assassin). After I finished those, I started a story called Blindsided, which was my attempt at a historical romance. It stuttered out, then I began it again and I still haven’t finished it. I wrote four novels for The Chronicles of Alleure, the second between NaNoWriMo 2012 and NaNoWriMo 2013, then the third for NaNoWriMo 2013, then the fourth after NaNoWriMo 2013. In August of 2014, I was evacuated from Liberia because of Ebola and quarantined in Charlotte, North Carolina. During that time, I received a request from a publisher for my full manuscript of Heir of Windwoen. Nothing came of that, however. Once in Charlotte, I wrote a story called I Will Always Find Youfor Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s writing contest. I didn’t win. I wrote some poems and a short story or two for school, then for NaNoWriMo 2014, I branched out to a pirate story based off of a roleplay I had been part of for a long time. I won NaNoWriMo, wrote more in the story, then left it. It still isn’t finished, though I only have five thousand words left until it will be finished. In February of 2015, I went back to Liberia. Since returning, I have written a story documenting the most intense week of my life, and planned lots of stories.
I am currently doing One Year Adventure Novel and writing a contemporary about a girl whose mother send her to a boarding school and then elopes.
Thanks for reading that rambling post documenting my writing journey! If you have any questions, feel free to comment! Let me know you stopped by. And who knows? Maybe we’ll be friends.

Hasta la vista,

P.S. To my normal blog readers: I will be blogging on Tuesday and Saturday too, but maybe other days if I find something to blog about! 🙂
Also, I won’t judge anyone if they think this post was boring.

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