Melancholy Mondays: The First Post

I call my meme “Melancholy Mondays”. Part of the inspiration was the fact that our world perpetually sees Mondays as the worst day of the week. So I thought: “What if we saw it as a good day?” So basically for my meme, every Monday you share ten things(things will be specified each week), that make you happy that Monday. Later I’ll have a schedule up for the next few weeks.
This week’s subject is moments. What are ten moments this Monday that made you happy? What moments are you thankful for this Monday? Have fun! If you did the meme this week, commenton this post with the link to your post. I can’t wait to see what you all post about!


10. Waking up and realizing it’s my birthday
9. Realizing I got up early.
8. Looking at my sharpies
7. When I realized I didn’t have to do school because it’s my birthday
6. Realizing I get a cat today
5. When I saw all the comments on my wall on Facebook
4. When my oldest sister gave me a huge hug and said happy birthday.
3. When I picked up my little sister and she gave me a huge hug.
2. When I sat down after cooking for hours.
1. When the mom gave me a huge hug.

Those are my ten moments! What are yours? Blog about them or post them in the comments! Be sure to include the picture at the top of the post in your post and link back to my blog, then comment with the link to your post!



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