Five Enchanted Roses by Kaycee Browning, Savannah Jezowski, Jenelle Schmidt, Dorian Tsukioka, and Hayden Wand

Espirit de la Rose by Kaycee Browning
This wonderful story was completely unique. I first wondered how all of it’s elements would tie into the well-loved story of the Beauty and the Beast–pirates, mermaids. I really shouldn’t have worried. Kaycee tied all of these elements in seamlessly. She brought in a vibrant beauty and a turmoiled beast. Although many strange elements could have taken away from the heart of the story, they didn’t. They made it so much richer. 
Four stars.
Wither by Savannah Jezowski
I loved this story! Savannah mixed something inherently paranormal with the beloved fairytale–and did it amazingly. Our heirone, Lilybet, wasn’t easily swayed by everything she encountered, and was strong throughout the story. And, to add in something different, Lilybet dislikes roses. Though I didn’t ship Lilybet and Corwin as much as I would have liked, it didn’t draw away from my appreciation of the story.
Four stars.

Stone Curse by Jenelle Schmidt
Though this is my least favorite of the collection, I still enjoyed it. This is one of those stories that it’s hard to explain what is good about it without spoiling the story itself. So I shall leave it as this, along with four shiny stars.

Rosara and the Jungle King by Dorian Tsukioka
Of the whole collection, this story contains less of the Beauty and the Beast than the rest. But that does not diminish it. This is still the Beauty and the Beast. Dorian starts with a heirone that has a problem. Her problem is that a man wishes to claim her as his third wife. In a village where wives are taken by force, Rosara is forced to leave her home to go and marry a village chief’s son. She manages to get away, however, and begs the jungle spirits to make it so that she cannot marry the man. However, her choice leaves repercussions. This is a tale you will not soon forget.
Four stars.

The Wulver’s Rose by Hayden Wand
It seems fitting that this book is last, for it is my favorite of the collection. It is written in a locale close to my heart–Scotland. I love the storytelling, the bonnie wee heroine, and the beast. I shipped our beauty and our beast quite a lot. This story perhaps remains the most true to it’s inspiring fairytale, and I love it, perhaps even more than the original tale. This story was amazing, and heart-wrenching, and frighteningly real.
Five stars.

My overall rating for the collection is four and a half stars. Good job, Kaycee, Savannah, Jenelle, Dorian, and Hayden. And thank you to Rooglewood Press for generously allowing me to be an influencer for this amazing collection.


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