If You’re An Awful Blogger (clap your hands!)

Hello readers!
I am an awful blogger. I need to write this down because even though people will protest, we all know it’s true. I’m bad at blogging. And honestly, I think that it’s just a lack of motivation. I think of good blog posts every day. It is just a matter of sitting down and writing them.
(four ways to be a good blogger and avoid being an awful one)

1. Blog once or twice a week
I honestly think that it doesn’t matter what you post about. You are probably going to say that it does, but honestly, blogging is just content and habit. Blogging often will definitely help you get in the habit. But be careful! It is so, so easy to fall out of the habit, so be careful.
And then there’s posting them. I usually let a post sit a day or two and read it several times before I post it. And honestly, that’s a bad plan. DON’T DO IT. Yeah, there could be typos and other problems, but letting it sit WILL let you overthink it.

2. Share your blog everywhere
One thing that will make you return to your blog is having readers to return for. You won’t want to write posts if no one will be reading them. But warning here: DON’T BASE YOUR LIFE ON WHO IS READING YOUR POSTS. Even if your reader number is tiny, that’s still a few people. That’s people who took the time to follow your blog.

3. Interact with other bloggers
Make friends, people. Essentially, you can break blogging down to community. And if you aren’t in the community, swimming with the sharks(pardon the harsh word), then you gonna get eaten. And don’t even pay attention to how that last sentence made no sense whatsoever. And on the sharing note, try to link your blog in comments. Something like this.
Awesome post, _____! I especially loved the part about _____. And your reviews are great!
Then, if people think you’re awesome (which you are!) they’ll check out your blog.

4. Be you
This is my last piece of advice. Don’t try to be who you think you should be for your readers. Your readers should be there because they honestly want to know more about you and your books or whatever you blog about. So out of all of my advice, this is probably the most important. Just. Be. You.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Good luck in the blogging universe!
Also, what do you think will help people avoid being awful bloggers?


8 thoughts on “If You’re An Awful Blogger (clap your hands!)”

  1. This is an excellent list of advice!! And, aww, it IS tough getting everything organised and together and ready for posting. IT IS. I'm kind of in a huge habit, but gawsh, I was supposed to post tonight but I got distracted by audio books and pie and GOT NOTHING DONE AND NOTHING POSTED TONIGHT. *sighs in shame*
    Commenting is basically the most best part of blogging. XD And definitely be yourself!! I love this list! SO TRUE.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  2. Good advice. *nods*
    My advice, sort of building off #1, is to set a scheduled post so you have something to aim for. Joining a weekly meme post like Top Ten Tuesdays can be a good way to do that.


  3. These are some good tips. ^ ^ The number one thing that has helped me blog consistently is scheduling. I write all of my posts in a week and then schedule them for the next month so then I don't have to sit down every week and write a new post and life can sweep in and stop me from doing that.



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