A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

In a reverse twist on the Robin Hood story, a young medieval maiden stands up for the rights of the mistreated, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. All the while, she fights against her cruel uncle who has taken over the land that is rightfully hers. Forced to live in the woods and hide with the poor people she’s grown to love, she works to save and protect them, but she never anticipates falling in love with the wealthy knight who represents all she’s come to despise.

A Daring Sacrifice is a quick, light, easy read with characters that will capture your heart and a love that will fill you with warm fuzzies. It is a promising sequel to An Uncertain Choice, and in my opinion, better. I did enjoy An Uncertain Choice very much, but in this book we see more of the country. We see the forest, the needy, and we have the full character arc of our lead male, Collin. Though the characters did change by the end of An Uncertain Choice, it wasn’t enough. In this book, the character change was perfect. I didn’t feel jilted nor did I feel overwhelmed. Jody Hedlund has clearly improved her writing and strategies, perfecting them to fit into the YA genre. The plot was tight, the characters inviting.
I loved seeing more of England in this book. It carried the Robin Hood vibe well, not overdoing it as I’ve seen before. Juliana cared for her people, would risk anything for them, but she wasn’t pompous or ridiculous about it. She was simple to understand, an easy character to care for.
The writing is this book in top-notch. I imagined every scene, every moment, like a movie in my mind. I felt deeply for every character.
I did feel like Juliana’s archery talents were a bit cliché
The romance was very fast. Usually I’m not a fan of that.
The peasants all lived underground? It was… interesting.
Speaking of the above romance moving fast… The speed of it was uncommon for the time period and they were a little too affectionate.

Cussing – None
Intimacy – Mild kissing, some euphemisms
Violence – Honestly, this is YA. So the violence was fine for YA. But I wouldn’t let anyone under thirteen read it, considering there is a rather large amount—too much for middle grade.

RATING: Four stars!

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