Spark by Holly Schindler

The local Avery Theater was just a run-down building to Quin—until her mother told her the tragic love story of Nick and Emma that played out on the theater’s stage all those years ago. Quin is convinced it’s the perfect story to rewrite for her drama class, but when she goes searching for more information, she makes a startling discovery—the Avery is rapidly regaining its former splendor and setting the stage for her classmates Dylan and Cass to relive Nick and Emma’s romance. Quin can see the spark between them, but it’s up to her to make sure her friends—and the Avery—can both be saved this time around.

I expected this to be a cutesy contemporary romance. Needless to say, I didn’t get what I was expecting. I got something more. This story carries the feel of a fairytale, and it isn’t meant to be taken as a contemporary, nor is the magic meant to be completely explained. It merely tells a story of love and friendship and overcoming the past. 
I absolutely fell in love with the Avery and all of it’s history. Verona felt real to me, and the magic was just irresistible. I loved how everyone came together and brought out a beautiful end production. 
The romance in this is unexpected and sweet. It isn’t a romance for the main character, which I loved. Cass and Dylan seemed meant for each other.
I am just so in love with Holly Schindler’s writing. It was crisp and bright and made everyone feel so real and right. The whole idea of this story could have been considered campy or cheesy but Holly Schindler executed it perfectly. 
The pure magic of this book is completely irresistible. I fell in love with each individual character and loved every aspect of the story. This was my first time reading something like this (I think it’s officially considered magical realism??) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

INTIMACY – Mild kissing
CUSSING – I don’t remember any cuss words, but maybe there was one or two??
VIOLENCE – Barely any.


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