Monthly Life Update (news! life! school!)

Welcome to a monthly post where I pretend my life is exciting. Yay! (hint: it isn’t all twirling in a pretty dress)
March was a pretty normal month. I got rid of most of our kittens(except one), and read a ton of books. However, I did take a vacation thingy a week ago, professionally. My sister and I were hired to babysit a few missionary kids while there was a missionary retreat for the parents. While I didn’t get too much reading accomplished, I had a relaxing break from normal life and I do belief it benefited me reading-wise as well. 
I continually read such a large amount that occasionally I can hit a reading slump, Taking a few days off helps me avoid slumps that could last for a month or more (see: the Harry Potter reading slump)
I had a fun time there and loved all the kids (also there was bacon)
. I managed to get up at 6 AM every morning while we were there and that was great. I enjoyed pretending I was a morning person (honestly, I did it so I’d have an excuse to drink coffee)
When I got home I felt really great and was happy to get back to my cats and also the kids I babysit every Tuesday. 
Like normal, I also went to Youth Group twice(!!) this month. Hehe. In case you’re worried I’m a heathen, let me explain. Our Youth Group happens every other week, and I’ve never missed it.
I also managed not to reorganize my bookshelf this month and cleaned my room! Overall, it was successful. Though I do plan to paint my TBR shelf in April… Or sooner! 
I know you’re all waiting with baited breath for a bit about my cat, the king of the universe, Emperor Mellow. Don’t let the “mellow” name fool you. He’s a tyrant. But adorable. And he’s watching you. Careful what you do–he has a hit list. But he’s adorable.
Since by this point you’re probably tired of me, I’ll wrap it up. Y’all are the best. 
So until next time.
Keep calm and fear the cat.

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