E-Readers Have Made Us Lazy

This blog post is spawned from the many things that bother me and may count as a cry for help. I have a Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire. (I know this technically isn’t an e-reader but it counts for me because I only use it for Internet things and reading) But my Kindle has become a crutch for my reading. As an average human, I am lazy. All average humans are lazy at heart. We jump at an easy way out of things and reading on a kindle is one of those easy paths. Because who doesn’t like reading in the dark, being able to lay around and be in basically any comfortable position that a physical book doesn’t support? 
So what I’m here to say is that my kindle,  your kindle, everyone’s e-readers… They’ve all made us unjustifiably LAAZY.  Now, realizing one is lazy can be hard and easy. There are simple tells sometimes (not doing anything), but sometimes it’s hugely complicated. Basically how it is for me. I came to realize these things about two hours ago.Two days ago I began reading a 341 page book. 
the 341 page book
Now, you guys know me. I can read pretty fast. This book I’m reading is interesting, and super good. BUT I HAVEN’T FINISHED IT. That’s because I’ve been in the mood to read, but when I choose what to pick up,  I choose what’s easy to lay around with. YA GUESSED IT.
My kindle. Because, as much as it shames me to realize, I don’t read physical books every day. I read ebooks every day. If I’m choosing what to read, I will choose an ebook over a physical book. I KNOW. I’M AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING. 
BUT DON’T MISUNDERSTAND. I adore books. I obsess over their pretty covers, their gorgeous endpages, and I love reading them and feeling their beautiful pages(plus they smell HEAVENLY). But here’s the problem. I’ve been cushioned with my kindle, pampered and lazy. 
So here’s the cry for help. What do you guys do to help you read more physical books? Do you have a trick to keep your wandering hands AWAY from the e-reader? Comment your tips below and if they work, I might feature them in a “how to read more physical books” post someday. 

6 thoughts on “E-Readers Have Made Us Lazy”

  1. Ok, this is a problem I don't have- in fact, I arguably have the opposite problem in some ways, which is that I'll get a book on my Kindle and then I forget to read it. (In my defense, 99% of the stuff on my Kindle was free. And when I actually spent money on it, I'll read it as soon as I have time, more or less.)
    However, one thing that would probably help: Commit to reading only one book at a time. Say “I'm reading THIS BOOK now, and I can't start any others until I finish THIS BOOK.” (The exception, of course, being books you have to read for school.)


  2. I have no idea why this is a problem, honestly! Why is it bad that you like ereaders better?!? You're still reading and that's all that matters in my opinion! I say GO FOR IT. What makes you comfortable and excited about books is the best way to consume them. *nods* I really like physical books myself, but I loooove my iPod when I'm super tired and just want to curl up under a million blankets and read. I don't have to worry about crushing a book. I don't think it's lazy at all. It's just another method of doing something. 😀


  3. I don't have an ereader. Any books I have digitally I have to read on my laptop. My attention span is actually better with physical books instead of digitally since I can get distracted and not get into a comfortable position. Interesting discussion.



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