Monthly Writing Update! (ends! beginnings!)

Writing has been sadly and almost completely inactive this month. I’ve been chipping away at Everything but the Truth, my science fiction suspense novella that I’m writing for school. It’s almost done, just one chapter left!
I managed to squeeze out a synopsis for my roman-inspired fantasy novel, A Lineage of Blood. While wrtiing it I fleshed this story out so much more. It’s the story of a legendary friendship that will last even after the friends are dead. But it’s also the story of a girl fighting for her life merely because she was born first. 
Okay, okay. I know that’s vague. So you spoiled people will get the synopsis.

Athena Tiberius is one of five daughters. Her lineage is a bloodthirsty one. Murder is how one wins the throne, and if she lives to see her eighteenth birthday she will win it. Her sisters are determined not to see that happen.
The land of Isildris is cracking at the core. Magicians, cursed at birth with disabilities and magic, are forced to fight in the Arena, in bloodthirsty battles to the death. Isildris is in desperate need of a leader with the talents to bring peace and equality to its people. The emperor’s daughters do not suit it well.
Titurius is cursed with being paralyzed in his left arm. He’s blessed with telekinetics.
Titus and Athena were never supposed to meet, but when she flees, sick from the Arena, they do. Theirs is an unlikely alliance, both of them completely different but in need of a friend, someone to trust in their bloodthirsty country.
But as the year closes in on Athena’s eighteenth birthday, one bad move could mean her death. And the price for fraternizing with a gladiator is high.
Set in a rich fantasy world steeped in the mythology and infrastructure of ancient Rome, this unlikely friendship burns bright in a time when no one is to be trusted.

I know that it’s a bit wandering and not up to par yet. It’s the first draft, so basically it’s my brain puking on the page. (that mental image 😛 ) I’m so excited for this story. I’m going to try reading Storyword First by Jill Williamson next month so I’m ready to start writing in JUNE!! I really don’t want to mess this story up. I feel like it has such potential to be a great story. 
So that’s it, I suppose. Until next time!

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