Monthly Life Update! (I’m 15? Hamilton? Corpses?)

This month wasn’t desperately exciting, It dawned with me away from home. My family and I spent several days in Gbarnga this month visiting friends. Before we left for Gbarnga, my sister’s cat had kittens. 
While in Gbarnga, we had the chance to visit the waterfall. 

It was super fun. After coming home, we settled back into our normal routine. School five days a week and an occasional break for fun things.
I also obsessively reorganized my bookshelf three or four times this month (!!) and got rid of a grand total of three books this month. I acquired many more, duh. 
Overall, however, I didn’t really do much this month. 
HOWEVER, I did clean out from under my bed. Those corpses honestly should have been buried weeks ago. I found many lost items, including my sanity (haha. just joking. that’s still lost)
ONE thing did happen this month that’s terribly important. Thanks to my brother and the glorious Sierra Abrams, I discovered Hamilton this month! I know, I’m a bit late to the party, but I can honestly tell you that the party is AMAZING. 
ALSO WE HIT 30 FOLLOWERS. Which is, by the way, amazing. 🙂 And I joined BookLook! Yay!!
Also I turned fifteen which was crazy and awesome and cool.

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