Monthly TBR

Storyworld First by Jill Williamson
I’m reading this in preparation for writing a fantasy novel soon. So excited.
The Heir by Kiera Cass
We all know that THE CROWN IS COMING OUT SOON DUH so I have to read this before it comes out!!

The Goodbye Bride, Mermaid Moon, Kissed by a Cowboy, The Feathered Bone, The Secret to Hummingbird Cake, The Mountain Midwife, Someone Like You, If I Run, and Samara’s Peril 
These are all review copies sent to me by Thomas Nelson Zondervan, Jaye L. Knight, and Thomas Nelson Zondervan. I should be writing reviews for all of them.


5 thoughts on “Monthly TBR”

  1. RYEBRYNN WHERE DO YOU GET ALL YOUR FREE BOOKS!? That's so many! I'm in BookLook Bloggers, but you can only get one booko at a time. *sighs* Do you have links to where I can sign up to other review programs maybe? *puppy eyes* XD


  2. It's actually ridiculously easy to get a bunch of ARCs. I'm not even trying to brag–it is. I'm on about 6 review sites, and my main problem is getting in over my head. So I can definitely link you up to some sites, but be careful and count what you request. Because it's hard to resurface and read things that aren't ARCs. Okay, so my favorite site is probably . Mostly because that's where I get most of my YA books. I read predominately YA books so it's heaven. But you can only get ebooks from Edelweiss.
    The next site is , which started my review career. Almost three years ago I joined and started requesting. It's only ebooks. Just remember, on Netgalley, requesting Thomas Nelson Zondervan books are limited by the publisher to one. The rest are unlimited, though.
    There's also which is where I get most of my physical ARCs. It has a one book at a time limit. You can get both physical and ebook ARCs.
    There's also which is super fun. You can get physical and ebook ARCs. It's like blog tour but with free books??
    The last two go hand in hand, because they're both divisions of Baker Publishing Group. and . You can get physical and ebook ARCs through them and the offers are emailed to you, like once a month or something. You have to review the books within a month.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂


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